Act 3 Scene 2

Leticia Holland

Romeo and Juliet

Summary of Act 3 Scene 2

In this scene Juliet is waiting for the nurse to come with updated news from Romeo.Juliet is excited to see Romeo tonight,so they can make their marriage official. But, the Nurse and Juliet are not communication well. The nurse is continuously saying "he is dead " instead of Tybalt is dead. Juliet thinks the Nurse is referring to Romeo when she says this. The Nurse finally tells her that Romeo killed Tybalt,and Romeo's punishment is he's banished from Verona. Juliet's first response was she thought Romeo was playing her all along. She believed that he was acting good on the outside but was evil in the inside.The nurse shamed Romeo which got Juliet upset. Although Juliet thought Tybalt's death was depressing ,she thought Romeo being banished was worse. Juliet said she will die without Romeo. The Nurse's response to that is she tells Juliet that Romeo is hiding in Friar Lawrence cell and she will get him for her. Before the Nurse leaves Juliet gives the Nurse Romeo's wedding ring and wants Romeo to say goodbye.


The characters for this scene are Juliet and the Nurse.
Lay Me Down - Sam Smith (Acoustic Lyric Video)

Explanation of song I picked

I chose "Lay Me Down" by Sam Smith because I thought this song represented Juliet's feelings best. In this song it says " I don't want to be here if i cant be with you tonight". These lyrics best describe Juliet's feelings in Act 3 scene 2,because Juliet says if she cant be with Romeo because he is banished then she doesn't want to live. Also in this song it says " no words can explain, the way im missing you". This also represents Juliet's feelings in the scene because she does not want Romeo to leave Verona because she will miss him because she has only been married to him for a short period of time.