OHPS Weekly Tech Blitz

A quick, easy way to learn about new tech tools & resources!

Week 24: Plickers (April 15-22)

Plickers is a student response system that requires only 1 device to use! It is quickly growing in popularity due to its versatility. Plickers entails giving each student a unique printed QR Code labeled with an A, B, C, D on each of the four edges of the paper. Students will hold their cards up in class and the orientation they hold their card indicates one of these 4 responses. The teacher then asks a question and visually scans the classroom using the Plickers app that is available for Apple and Android devices (typically mobile phones or tablets). The data is immediately quantified and the process can be repeated. This is a great low tech solution for quickly gathering student information or assessing understanding!

What is a Weekly Tech Blitz?

Weekly Tech Blitz challenges run from Wed.-Tues. and are optional opportunities to learn more about the many educational technology tools and resources available. A new challenge will be released each Wednesday. However, teachers may go back and complete previous challenges at any time.

Teachers are encouraged to participate in as many or as few weekly tech blitz challenges as they wish. However, to earn clock hours, a minimum of 6 challenges must be completed over the course of the school year.