PVE Friday Focus January 16th, 2015

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Phil Hansen: Embrace the shake

Embrace the shake!

Happy Friday Friends (or whenever you may reading this)!

As shared in staff meeting on Thursday, the above TED video link is very profound. It will take you to a place of reflection and thought. I must admit it has impacted my process of viewing any kind of challenge as a new opportunity for both creativity and solution forward thinking. Please take 10, give it a watch and allow reflection to occur.

This past week has given me a good dose of reacting in the minute on a personal level. On a farm, we have anxiously awaited our first litter of pigs. Our kids have counted down the days much in the fashion of, are we there yet discussion on family vacations. We endured a few difficult days with our first litter. As the kids and I started to support the mommy during delivery, we were slapped by reality with still born pigs at delivery. The moms was having an extreme difficult time and we implemented each possible solution to help her. Unfortunately, nothing worked and we lost the entire litter. As a dad, watching my kids with disappointing faces, I had the sudden mix of emotions of being sick to my stomach, angry, sad and confused all the same time. In a moment of grace, I was able to remove myself from the situation and realize this is exactly why I do this very thing. My perspective changed! I was able to rally my kids and tell them "good days will come; this just happens sometimes". We were able to continue our conversation about life and intimately discuss it is not how we handle our successes in our lifetime but rather how we handle our failures that then determine our success. My kids started to reciprocate the thought process by looking at our next litters expected and reviewing the situation that had just occurred and asking, "is there anything we can do differently". Powerful learning! In my role as principal, I feel it is so important to look at each situation with our kid and relish failure, struggle and disappointment as a realignment of tires, adjustments with good feedback and staying positive, on coarse and following our modus operandi through their young lives.

As educational leaders, we each can feel like we have the Sword of Damocles upon us. Or, we can feel like we will have peril along the way but in this very time is when some of the most beautiful learning can occur.

Embrace the shake! Be positive towards things that feel like challenges! Be creative in the moment when you feel without and work great wonders!

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Monday-MLK Day-No School

A picture for your upcoming day away from school. I love this quote and how it ties to MLK Day, a day to help others!

The Return of Tracy!

Tracy is scheduled to return this Tuesday!! Thank you to Ronda and Judi for their incredible help during this time. At the same time, we are excited to welcome back our friend, Mrs. Vermillion.

ISTEP Videos

Below please find both the ELA and Math ISTEP videos.
ISTEP+ English Language Arts Experience CCRA
ISTEP+ Math Experience CCRA

Example ISTEP questions as discussed in our staff meeting.

Look below for examples of what we discussed together with 3rd and 4th grade teachers.

Good LUCK!

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Published Author on our campus!

Did you know that our own Melanie Bowlin is a published author!! Melanie has her office in the Adventure Center and can be often seen helping our kids. Thank you Melanie!
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Big CAT Rescues

Tucked away in the woods near Center Point, Indiana, the Exotic Feline Rescue Center currently houses about 200 rescued big cats. Lions, tigers, leopards, pumas, and bobcats, as well as more obscure breeds such as caracal, serval, ocelot, and lynx, have found refuge at this lush 108-acre sanctuary. In photographer Stephen D. McCloud's spirited follow-up to Saving the Big Cats: The Exotic Feline Rescue Center, more than 100 color photographs of the resident big cats, old and new, are showcased with loving detail. McCloud has spent countless hours getting to know the cats--their likes, dislikes, quirks, and backgrounds. The affection and admiration he holds for each cat is reflected in these stunning portraits. Each cat's story is compellingly recounted by author Melanie Bowlin with the help of Audra Masternak, who blogged about her unforgettable experience as a keeper

Construction Update

The Adventure Center is scheduled to receive new furniture on Monday, January 26th. This is the delivery date (and our original 100th day of school!). Please look for furniture to go up the week of the 26th and a formal sign up process to also begin at this time.