Lyza Jarvis


Native Animals

Non-native plants and animals

Human's impact:

Drainage of the swamp allows less flood tolerant species to become established. Also, from humans comes some wastewater discharge and pollutants damage and kill plants. Throughout American history, humans have taken the cypress wood and peat. Removing peat can be very detrimental for the forest, as it damages the ecosystem and habitats of the species in the swamp.

Ecosystem Services:

Flood control filters pollution and traps sediment, keeping the swamp clean and healthy.

Protection and Conservation Laws:

Regulatory programs review construction plans near wetland disposal and treatment of stormwater, and permitting & land stewardship programs.

Groups: wetland Resource Permit (WRP) and Environment Resource Permit (ERP)

Effects on the culture of the Region:

Heritage Festival is a festival that takes a look at the history of the environment.

The culture around the swamp has been greatly affected by the resources that the swamp provides, like cypress wood and peat.

The rugged terrain challenge many early travelers as they made the cypress swamp area their home. Today's citizens are very proud of their history and connection to the swamp-forest.