Scentsy Team News

August 2015

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Summer-time Fun leads into the Fast-paced Fall!

Hi ladies!

I've been looking for a better way to reach you all & offer some great tips, challenges, incentives & motivation. I thought a monthly team newsletter would be perfect! You've all been doing an amazing job this summer, we've welcomed lots of new women to this team!

This month Scentsy is offering most of our products at 10% off. This is to make room for our fabulous fall catalog launching Sept 1st! If you haven't yet seen it, get in touch with me. Catalogs & business supplies are also 10% off this month (even the new fall ones)!

There are lots of warmers, scents & products being discontinued this month, so now is a great time to get those parties booked & encourage our customers to take advantage of these items while they can.

Congrats Ladies on a great month! Here are your Top Sales!

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August Incentive!

This month I will be offering a few different incentives aimed to push you a little outside your comfort zones. I will award the winners when Sept commissions are posted. Participate in some or ALL of the challenges this month. Your choice :) There will be a prize for those who do participate.

#1. Text me with your monthly goal for your business this month! (make yourself accountable!)

#2. Find 5 NEW customers by handing out samples or your business cards (someone you've never met!) & send me a selfie with at least 1.

#3. Have at LEAST 3 recruiting conversations by the end of the month. Screenshot or talk to me about one of them.

#4. Sell at least 500 prv & book ONE fall party for September (use our diffusers as a incentive. Hostesses can use half priced & free credit to get them at a more affordable cost!)

Here's to an amazing August. I'll be following along with you & completing these as well.

If you have any questions, I'm always here!