Advent Countdown to Christmas...

Week of 11/30/15 - Miss Foyle

Announcements & Important Information

*A number of 8th graders are out on Friday (12/4) for a Shadow Day. Make-up dates for the Church History Quiz will be offered after school on Monday (12/7) & Tuesday (12/8). Please have your child plan accordingly. Thanks.

*Join us for Mass on Tuesday, 12/8 for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Mary at 8 a.m. (St. Joseph's church). This is a holy day of obligation and a special day for our school - its our namesake! Hope to see you then.

*Are you looking for ways to celebrate Advent? Check out these resources:

*Consider donating to the ICSJ parish/school Giving Tree this holiday season! 6th grade parents were sent a detailed email with information about who we're donating to and how to sign up - please follow the directions. (For 8th grade families interested, please email me ( for the link or more info.) Thank you in advance for your generosity in helping to make this Christmas a very special one for our adopted family!

--> For inspiration, click here to watch a video about "buying one level down" and using the money you would have spent to give to those in need.

*Students in 4-8th grades will be experiencing their annual Advent retreats in the upcoming weeks before Christmas break. In addition, they will have the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. (8th grade will attend on 12/9, and 6th grade will attend on 12/15.) This will be a great start to the Jubilee Year of Mercy!

*Check out the FREE comic book making workshop this Saturday (12/5) - it's sponsored by Art on Sedgwick.

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Classroom Updates

6 LA

Hobbit & Reading: Students embraced their new Book Club roles this week, practicing making meaningful connections and another strategy of choice. Some students were brave and led their groups as discussion directors on Thursday - they prepared extra questions and determined how their groups would discuss Chapter 12. It's a long and tough text, but they're doing a first-rate job and should be proud of their willingness and eagerness to tackle the text.

Writing: This week the students are working on formulating solid arguments about The Hobbit. For example, are hobbit holes really a good place to live? Should there be an additional antagonist to Smaug in The Hobbit? These topics and more were brainstormed, outlined, and typed this week. Whew! Way to go!

Grammar: Be sure to ask your child about FANBOYS and WASABIE as ways to memorize coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, respectively. These types of conjunctions gave us clues for figuring out independent and dependent clauses as well as differentiating between compound and complex sentences.

Students will have a grammar quiz on Friday, December 11.

Word Study: What do the words stationary, constant, and status have in common? They all have the root word STAT/STAN, which means "to stand, stay." Students determined the meaning of words with this root and drew pictures to help them remember it all.

6 Religion

On Monday we enjoyed the Nicene Creed projects the students created before the Thanksgiving break. For the remainder of the week, we began our journey through the Old Testament, first taking a look at the patriarchs (male heads) of our faith. On Friday, students learned a little bit about Moses by tapping into their prior knowledge before watching a video and engaging in activities surrounding his life and significance. Along the way, we are tying in Advent by making Jesse Tree ornaments for the people we study. Students have a packet to keep track. They also are doing fun activities/puzzles in their Absolutely Advent books as a daily warm-up exercise at the start of class. Tis the season!

8 Religion

Students wrapped up their Church History unit (through the end of the Middle Ages) on Monday by learning about the Mendicant orders and Black Death. They took their unit test on Friday. In between, they started their preparation for Confirmation - all students received a journal/workbook to use as they watch videos and engage in discussions with one another through the Dynamic Catholic's Decision Point series. (Please note that all videos are available for free online and via the app - Consider watching and discussing these videos with your child. They can be a great refresher for your own faith too!)

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