Jim Stark

By Hans Jacobson

Jim Stark Traits

Jim is Honorable. He doesn't being called a chicken, cause he sees his dad as a chicken and he doesn't want to be his dad. He doesn't back down from a fight, he tries to act tough and plays it cool. He is also a Gentlemen he is kind to Judy even though she was being mean to him. He is a friend with Plato when no one else would.

Jim's problems

Jim has many problems, with his parents and a bully at school. His parents give him what ever he wants, if he need a bike he gets a car. His dad tells him one thing and then his mom changes his dad's mind. His dad isn't a great strong role model, and Jim doesn't like it because he can't get the answer he needs. Jim doesn't have many friends, at school because his parents are always moving around when gets in trouble and when his mom doesn't like when something bad happens so she wants move just avoid the problems.

A kid named Buzz, bully's Jim at school because he mooed at the star collects. Buzz slashes Jim's tires, stabs him a couple of times and challenges him to a chicky run. Jim tries to leave but Buzz just called him a chicken then Jim fight backed. In the end of the chicky run, Buzz goes off the cliff and dies. Jim didn't go to his parent because he knew that wouldn't help.

Jim's Experiences

Jim really didn't changed much, I think he change people around him. He change of doing things him self, but he really changed his parents and his friends. Jim's Father changed from being made and taken order's from his wife, to becoming more of a role model to Jim. Jim's Mother changed from being a control freak to listen more. Jim changed Judy view of him being a loser to a Gentlemen.

The Mansion

The mansion, is just a big place where the kids ran away and just hang out. When they were playing house, it showed that are already grow up and are just acting like they parents do. When they were playing house it was the only time that all the kids had a smile on their faces and were happy that their family was fun.


The lesson to learn in "Rebel without a Cause" is, to stand up for your self and do what you think is right. Jim couldn't turn to anyone for help, he had to learned how to take care of him self when no one else can answer his questions.

If Buzz did not die, do you think he would have changed?

No, cause if he did jump out it would be after Jim and he would win the Chicky run. Buzz would still have Judy and he would still pick on Jim for being a chicken and nothing would changed.