Chainsaw safety

By Andre Ray


Kickback is the backward force of the chainsaw. The front top end of chainsaw produces the most kickback.

Likely injuries

Likely injuries involve trees falling on the cutter, getting cut by the chainsaw, debris, splinters, etc.


PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. This helps to prevent injuries and keep the person cutting the tree safe.




Have a visor attached to the helmet

Transporting the Chainsaw

When transporting chainsaws be sure that the saw is off with a protective cover over it. Be sure the chainsaw is secure.

Tips for starting a Chainsaw

Examine the saw.

Have a firm grip on the chainsaw and have the saw facing down at an angle.

Tips for stopping a chainsaw

Make sure its off.

Tips for operating a chainsaw

Clear all debris

Don't wear loose fitting clothes

Be cautious of kickback

Don't cut anything above your head.

Don't hold the blade parallel to you.