Gmail's Email

By: beth ufodiama

Do You Know?

Do you know how to use Gmail? Do you Know how to use every single button and what it is? Do you know how to get on it. Do you know WHAT you are doing?

Steps To Get On Gmail

First if you don't know how to go to get on Gmail what you do is if you have it go to Google chrome. Next you search up After that wen it says email and password, you will put your email as: s then lunch Your password would be: your birth date which I month year and day for example 05 13 2004 but with no spaces.

What About The Fun

When you get on you will think there is noting fun to do on there, well if you press "compose" a small box will pop up. That box means to send email, you can make thing big or small you can put faces on your email you can change the color of your writing! If you see this robot part on the top of all your email click that and press settings, that can make you change the color of the writing into one color ever single time you write a new email.

Well Now You Know How

You now know how to work it bet if you don't know some stuff you can find that out on your own!