My life story

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My One Sad Story

My life story is pretty depressed, or you can say that it was a mean and nasty life i lived in. Lets start my story when I was born. When my mom was in labor with me she was anemic (low blood) and i almost died, the good part is that i didn't die, whew. A few month or years later I grew older and a little taller, when i was three I had a younger sister Aaliyah she was born a year after me. Anyways when i was three my aunt always babysit us,but she was during this time, so my sister and i started to jump on the bed we always had a competition on who could jump the highest, so that day we did, while we were jumping my sister pulled my right earring off it hurt all lot i cried till my mom came home blood was dripping on the bed and on my clothes i was so disgusted. A few year after that i still had a ripped ear lobe one that still wouldn't heal, i never forgave my sister for what she had done to me. I'm now a sixth grader and for the past years I've been bullied not just from friends but from my family, the only two people I trust in my family is My dad, and my brother Andrew they were my only protectors. on the right is a picture of almost half my entire family i live with right now.


Family is my supportive team! The best family team I've got. my best friends are Leslie, Endina, Josie, Kierra, and my 3 most supportive teachers Mrs. Brown, Ms. Carlson, the best mathematic teacher, And the bets scientific teacher Mrs. Johnson!

my favorite brothers and sisters