SCHS Poetry Slam 2015

Let YOUR voice be heard!

Your Voice Out Loud


  • Create your own poem OR find one that is meaningful to you
  • Memorize it the way you want to perform it
  • Stay under 3 minutes, remember your audience is encouraged to interact

Examples of SLAM Poetry

Baltimore Teen Poetry Slam - AAHF 2010
"On Girls Lending Pens," by TAYLOR MALI
Kerby wins! Earns spot at Youth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam 2012 Semifinals
Neil Hilborn - "OCD" (Rustbelt 2013)
Mill Valley Library Teen Poetry Slam 2013 Final Round (Hannah Y.)

Brief History & Purpose

Slam combines movement, voice, drama and the written word for an unforgettable spoken word experience. Slam made its debut back in the late 1980’s in Chicago when a local poet named Marc Smith grew tired of the stale presentations of poetry that seemed to pervade the coffee shops and libraries around town. Thus slam was born as a way of expressing oneself briefly, powerfully and impactfully.