2nd Grade Newsletter

January 8, 2016

Here's what we are working on...

Reading - We will be learning about the characteristics of fables.

Math - This week, we reviewed measurement with nonstandard units, such as feet, pencils, and paper clips. We even made our own ruler. Next week, we will begin measuring with standard measurement including customary and metric units.

Writing - We are beginning a persuasive writing unit. This unit will focus on the question, "Should every kid get a trophy?" Students will state their own opinion and give reasons for that opinion. It will be interesting to hear how they feel on this subject. :-)

Science - We are switching back to science for this nine weeks. We will be doing a study on astronomy. We will start with an inquiry project on a topic related to this unit. Today your child was assigned to a group. Ask your child what group they are in and the research that they started. Next week, their group will make a poster and will give a group presentation to their class based on their poster/topic.

Grammar - We will learn about reflexive pronouns like myself, herself, and himself.

Spelling/Word Study - Semester 2 Spelling Word Study Update

Spelling/word study will begin to look a little different for 2nd grade students in the 2nd semester. Students will focus on a spelling pattern each week. Students should become familiar with the “anchor words” that become a part of the student’s toolbox. By applying known spelling patterns, students will be able to spell new words. For example, if students are able to apply the spelling rules and patterns found in adding –ing words, a student will use the anchor word, “getting,” to spell words such as passing or shutting.

Assessments- Students will have a spelling pattern and sight words to be responsible for. There will still be the ten sight words on the assessment with an additional ten word pattern words. We will give you examples of the word pattern words, but your child will be expected to apply the pattern to make new words on the assessment. We will be sure to not include tricky words or words that do not follow the word pattern!!

We will test on Friday, January 22, over the aw/au/ay word pattern. These are the anchor words cause, caught, saw, straw, pay, and stay.

The sight words tested will be number, no, way, could, people, my, than, first, water, been.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Jan 11th - 15th - Used Book Drive (see below for more information)

Jan. 18th - MLK, Jr. Day/ School Holiday

Feb. 4th - SciTech Night

Feb. 5th - Super Dad Super Bowl Party (Breakfast)

Feb. 12th - Movie Night

***Attention Readers! Puckett's Mill Relay for Life Team is having a Used Book Sale and we need book donations to make this successful. If you have gently used books at home and want to make room for new books, we will be accepting donations all next week (January 11-15). Collection boxes will be in your teacher's classroom. During the week of January 25th, each class will have an opportunity to purchase books for only $1.00 each. All proceeds will benefit Relay for Life.

***Super Dads Super Bowl Breakfast - Be on the lookout for an invitation to go home soon inviting all dads to come have a little football and measurement fun from 7:15 to 7:45am in your child's classroom on Feb. 5th. Lots of father/child fun will be had and you don't want to miss it!

***Recess: Please be aware that county policy states that we cannot go out to recess if the temperature is below 40 degrees. However, if it is above 40 degrees, we will go out to recess. Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for colder weather.

*** The Six Flags Reading Log - If your child reads for six hours before Feb. 12, then they can get a free ticket to Six Flags!! Please be sure to have minutes and hours added up before your child turns in their log.

Please remember to send in library books on your child's class library day. The class library days are:

Lord - Monday

Moore - Monday

Queen - Tuesday

Pendergast - Wednesday

Kamhout - Wednesday

Duncan - Thursday

Have a fabulous weekend!!