Cats and Kittens


Many different cats

There are wild cats not just house cats. These are the names of the wild cats Tiger, Lion, Snow leopard, Leopard, Jaguar, Cheetah, Mountain lion, Bob cat, Lynx, and Liger.

how much a cat wieghs

. Cats usually weigh 6 to 15 pounds (3 to 17 kilograms).

Cat sounds and actions

Cats make sounds like Meowing, Hissing, Yowling, Growing, Purring, Chittering. Cats purr when they are content. When a cat rubs against you it leaves a scent on you, you won't notice the scent but another cat would. When a cat hisses and holds it ears down it is warning something, someone, or you to stay away. Cats can jump, run, walk, and pounce.

cats health

Cats don't need walks because instead of walks they play with cat toys. Cats should live indoors outdoor cats could get hurt by a dog or car, get fleas, get lost, or become stray.

cats lives

A female cat usually gives birth to 3 to 6 kittens at a time. With good care cats can live 12 to 20 years but some cats live up to 30 years.

what cats look like

Cats can have long or short fur. Short hair cats shred their fur and long hair cats need lots of grooming. Cats can have different colored fur, the fur colors are black, brown, white, grey, marmalade, orange, red, and more.

Many different breeds

There are many different cat breeds. Here are their names Siamese, Black Persian, White Persian, Tabby, Rag doll, Turkish Van, Maine Coon, Exotic Shorthair, American Shorthair, Sphynx , Burmese, Russian blue, Abyssinian, Turkish Angora, Himalayan, Biman, Japanese bobtail, Siberian, Bombay, Munchkin, Balinese, American bobtail, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, Chartreux, Ocicat, Egyptian Mau, American Curl, Turkish Van, Tonkinese, Colorpiont shorthair, Singapura, American wirehair, Korat, Selkirk Rex, Javanese, Snowshoe, Somali, Oriental Shorthair, Ragamuffin, Laperm, Pixie-Bob, Havana Brown, Toyger, Burmilla, Chausie, Lykoi. Those are all cat breeds. Maybe more.

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Famous Cats

Some cats are FAMOUS! Cats appear in many different movies, internet, and Shows. Here are some names of the cats. Grumpy cat (famous cat on internet), Tom (from tom and jerry), Cheshire cat (from alice and wonderland), Hello Kitty( can be a plush toy there are also books and movies of her), and there are also many more.

Cat Foods and Drinks

Cats eat dry cat food and meat. cats drink water but some cats like milk but milk can upset a cats stomach.