Night Themes

Erin Knight 1/2 hour


We take family for granted all the time.

Would you leave your family behind if it would remove some of your burden?

Would you forget about your family if you were separated from them?

I don't know if I would do either of these things, I hope I wouldn't, but I can't imagine what it would be like to live through the Holocaust.


Do you think it is possible to lose your religion?

Yes, Elie Weisel lost his religion.

Could you ever lose your religion?

I don't think I could lose my religion, but I could never imagine what Elie went through.


Were Hitler and his SS officers bullies?

If they were, how does this change what a bully is to you?

I think they were bullies, this makes me think that bullying could be much more than we think it is. It could be murder and torture.