C & O Canal 100 Mile Endurance Run

April 30-May 1 2016

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175 spots 167 registered 93 finished

Part 1 Training

Part 2 The RACE

Part 3 Post race

Part 4 Logistics

The Training

Piney Point Marathon

Prerace dinners

The Race!

The first 30 miles

The race starts!

and I took everyone's advice and walked the uphills lol.
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OMG so true and so funny!! Around mile 4!!

Syrup shots!

Syrup shots are gold! I saw them at the Antietam the first time but didn't realize what it was. I thought it was concentrated Coke. The second time, Tammy said, "Cheryl, lets do a shot! It's maple syrup." And so I did and once again at Noland"s Landing at mile 80. Gold!

Keep Tryst Aid Station

A big thank you to Gil Gray for taking such good care of me and my pacers as we came through!! So many great volunteers there with you!

Brunswick Aid Station mile 30

First time I saw Sean since the start. I ran up to the aid station and he had my sushi and beer arranged on a table. It looked like a feast! and one of the aid station volunteers had on a coveted yellow Freedoms Run shirt and noticed I did too! So much fun! Then I noticed Catherine and Jim were there!!!!

Lander's Road aid station

Vegan food!!!!! Homemade corn ginger soup and the sweet potato/almond butter/granola wraps were so delicious! The volunteers here were so much fun! Next year, I'll bring extra cupcakes for you all!

Nolands Landing mile 40

Another stop at Brunswick. The loop from Brunswick to Nolands Landing and back is 20 miles but feels sooooooo long. It means so much to be able to see Sean again but just briefly- many many more miles to go.

Let's Go Crazy

Thank you Shaunte!

I asked Shaunte to play this song at Manidokan at mile 60 when i came in and she did! i had so much fun dancing before i changed out of my very wet and muddy shoes. So energizing and the best way to start the next 40 mile loop.

Mile 60-90

The rain! The mud! The dark! The rain! The rain!!


Thank you so much for pacing me from mile 60-70 when I still had a ton of miles to go and you had been up working the Antietam Aid station since early that morning. That animal sound I heard most likely was a fox not an hallucination. That's my story and I'm sticking to it lol!

Embrace the suck

So my friends had been texting me all day and night which was so awesome!!! But also when Kristin posted some pix of this and tagged me she was like "OMG who are all these people posting?? They must be your friends! <3!!!" She read them and that was so amazing and helped me get through the muck and the night. Thank you again and again to Kristin and everyone who texted and responded- it meant the world to me!
That long long loop again from Brunswick to Nolands Landing and back. I did not see Sean at Brunswick earlier but had Tammy and Kristin for company. Farah surprised me with a visit and pacing to mile 100.

Coming into mile 90

Mile 90-100


Somewhere around mile 95. I truly thought I saw a guy with sandy blonde hair in an emerald green button down shirt crossing the canal and then start to saw wood on the side of the canal.I heard the saw!!! When I walked over to figure this out, there was just a pile of branches. I told Farah it was definitely time to be finished!

Thank you so so much Farah

for running the last 10 miles with me and sharing the finish.

I'm at 9:48- about mile 99.75 just before my friend's video above. Thanks Paul for creating the video!

Thank you Fleet Feet

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Post Race

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Smoketown Brewing Station in Brunswick

First stop after the race! I still had so much excited energy!


to Sean- the best husband and crew in the world!!

to Sean's family for being supportive at this time.

to Tammy for all her 100 mile advice!

To Coach Jenn for her running plans and advice!

to Kristin for being a great pacer and for doing it in epic weather conditions!

to Mary Jane for the chocolate, Rachel R for the beautiful believe bracelet, Susan for the compact mirror, and Rachel R for the beautiful flowers and support during my training.


What I ate

For breakfast- two multigrain waffles with almond butter and blackberry jam

During the race-
a couple of potato chips at every aid station :)
maple syrup shots
2 nutter butter cookies
a few pretzels now and again
miso soup
sushi-4 pieces inari roll, 1 piece yellow pickle and 1 piece cucumber/avocado roll with soy sauce
half a Kyoto burrito by Sweet Earth- a Japanese style blend of adzuki beans, edamame, baby bok choy, spinach, and ginger
a sweet potato/almond butter/granola wrap
corn ginger soup- twice!
hummus avocado salt wrap
3 frito chips
plus lots of water and occasional Tailwind

a really delicious stuffed red pepper at Manidokan after the race

beer and potato chips at Smoketown Brewery before heading home

delivery Thai for dinner that night
tofu, veggie spring rolls, and corn cakes


The Plan
Read this but forget who wrote it... Ultra runners have discovered something very special: if you slow down just a bit from marathon pace, and keep stuffing your face, you can go on … and on … and on. And as the endorphin highs triggered by running make it ...., it’s an unspeakably amazing, even transcendental, experience. Many – myself included – get hopelessly addicted to seeing how far they can go.
and this from Brian Burk-a running friend .1. I’ve come to face I may not have the drive, genetics or time to be in a position to 1st place in my age group or win an event…..but I CAN DO EPIC. I will do epic and will live an EPIC LIFE.
and this pic from Jenn- a running and workout friend who has been a great cheerleader!!! She and Charisse keep me going with hydration and core challenges that have been so helpful. She said she would run Umstead with me <3