Montgomery Bus Boycott

Take a stand by walking.

What are we talking about?

We are sick and tired of the way we are treated on buses. No longer shall we sit near the back of the bus or give up our seats to some white folk who can perfectly stand and we are crippled.

We are boycotting all buses here in Montgomery and taking ourselves where we need to go. We want to show the city bus system that we want to be treated right or we will not use their services.





Everywhere in MONTGOMERY, AL

Do what you can to make a difference! Ride a bike, walk, or whatever is possible besides the bus or otherwise this wont effect to system and wont make a change.

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Our Helpful Leaders

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

-Becoming the voice of our people with his multiple speeches on freedom and the rights of all people

-A very educated man and is wise with words

Rosa Park

-A true example of our reasoning for the boycott

-Sat in the front of a bus, when she denied a white male her seat she was arrested for disobeying