Maja's Glamourous Diamond Kite

By:Kamyzia Milton


My first step was planning.I was planning how my kite is going to look and what type of kite im going to create.What was the purpose for making and how can it fly high.Also,

thinking about what materials I need to create the kite.

Get Started!

Now,it's time to start making my kite!

Decorating Time!

Now,it's time to decorate your kite any type of way you want to.


I made my kite as a flag.You can make your kite any type of way you want to! But,for me i made me a white and pink kite!

Math Time!


Now,it's time to do some math!

First,I will be finding the perimeter of my diamond kite.To find the perimeter of a diamond kite you have to go through 3 simple steps.


1.First, I collected my data.(5cm,5cm,2cm,2cm,)

2.Next,I added all of my sides together.(5+5+2+2=?)

3.Finally,I have my answer!The perimeter of my diamond kite is 14cm.


Next,I will be finding the area of my kite.To find the area of a diamond kite you have to go through 8 simple steps.


1.First,I collected the data that I needed.(4cm,2cm,1.75cm)

2.Then,I split the diamond into two triangles.

3.I multiplied 2x4=8cm.

4.Then,I divided 8/2=4cm.That was my answer for triangle A!

5.For triangle B i multiplied 1.75x4=7cm.

6.Then,I divided 7/2=3.5cm

7.Lastly I added 3.5+4=?.

8.Finally,I the area of my kite 7.5cm squared.