Pacific Intermediate Newsletter

December 2021

A Word From Our Principal.......................Mr. Agee

Pacific Intermediate Families,

This is a very exciting time of the year for our students and we are glad to be able to share December with everyone as a school community! During the month, we will be having celebration days for students. Also, our students will begin to perform their music skills. Both the 5th grade choir and the 6th grade band will have performances in December. More information on these will be sent in the future. Additionally, there are events being held in the Pacific Plaza every Saturday in December for our families to enjoy.

Normally, we would be looking to end a semester at this time, however, with the change to trimesters, we will be in the second trimester at the end and beginning of winter break. Your student's first trimester report card was sent home on Friday, November 19th. If you need a paper copy, please contact the main office and we can assist you.

As the temperatures are cooling off, students at our building love to wear hoodies. We have noticed in our building that several students are coming to school smelling of dirty clothes and body odor. We do ask that you work with your students to please wash them, and encourage them to take daily showers and work on hygiene habits as their bodies are growing.

The last day before winter break is December 22nd and students will be dismissed at noon on that day. We hope that you have a joyous break and are able to rest up before we return to school in January.

Yours in education,

Matt Agee

Pacific Intermediate Principal

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Chickasaw Tribe

Mrs. Alcorn~Math... Mrs. Bielicke~Science & Social Studies... Mr. Gilcrease~Language Arts & Reading

Missouria Tribe

Ms. O'Neal~Math...Mrs. Norman~ Language Arts & Reading... Mr. Wengler~Science & Social Studies

Osage Tribe

Ms. DiBlasi~Math... Mrs. Jackson~Science & Social Studies...Mrs. Menley~ Language Arts & Reading


We are working on geometry:focuses are triangles, polygons, quadrilaterals and 3-D shapes.

Science and Social Studies

"Spaceship Earth" is the mystery science project we are currently working on. Students will learn about the Earth's movement, the moon, gravity and the stars.

Students are learning about the changes brought about during the Industrial Revolution.

ELA and Reading

Fifth graders are working on comparing and contrasting fictional elements as well as reviewing summarizing texts. In writing, we will be beginning our Christmas Around The World project.
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Otoe Tribe

Math~ Mrs. Voss... English~Mrs. Boling

Science~Mrs. Vondera... Social Studies~Mr. Effan

Ouapaw Tribe

Math~ Mrs. Weil... English~ Mrs. Stumborg

Science~ Mrs. Todahl... Social Studies~ Mr. Slaugher

Reading Teacher

Mr. McMahon

Welcome to Winter!

We are all happy that we have made it to this point! Please make sure you are checking your email to keep up to date with your child's classes. Also, please make sure you are checking Tyler SIS for your child's grades and missing assignments. You should be seeing some type of homework at home. Ask your student to show you their completed work. Pencils and red pens make great stocking stuffers! If you need anything let us know. We hope that you enjoy Winter Break, and we will see you in January!

6th Grade English:

English students are working on the narrative unit, in which they tell a story from their lives that they remember vividly. We will be wrapping up this project in time for Winter Break. When we return from break, we will be focusing on argumentative and research writing.

6th Grade Reading:

Reading is halfway done with our novel Freak the Mighty. The students are having a fun time discovering various literary terms and examples of figurative language. The plan is to have the entire book completed by Winter Break.

6th Grade Math:

Math students are busy working with decimals, fractions, and percents. Advanced classes are going to be working on finding the volume and surface area of 2D and 3D shapes. Please make sure your child is completing their homework on a nightly basis. Getting homework completed helps students succeed in the classroom.

6th Grade Social Studies:

Social Studies will end 2021 by talking about ancient India. From ancient India, the world would get the religion of Hinduism and the Philosophy of Buddhism, which would have long-lasting influence from modern yoga practices to the teachings of modern psychology.

6th Grade Science:

In science, we just wrapped up the Metric Unit and have started our Sound and Light unit. We will try to wrap up this unit before the break. Please keep up with our weekly emails and keep checking to make sure your student is completing their work.

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Counselor's Corner.........Ms. Diamond

Your child's MAP Scores from last school year will be going home the first week of December. I hope you and your student are satisfied with the results. I am proud of our students for overcoming the obstacles of COVID learning. Students showed perseverance and resilience in learning while managing their emotional well-being.

While we are giving gifts, enjoying time with our families, reflecting on the year and what we hope for next year, it might be a good time to re-emphasize your family values and goals for your children. Most people have goals and a desire to please others. If we emphasize the importance of education and setting goals, our children will notice and prioritize their goals to meet expectations.

When children set short-term goals such as good grades, making new friends, and doing things to make us proud they will plan and make decisions to reach goals. When they set long-term goals, such as graduating from high school, going to college, or learning a trade they will learn to focus on their goals to overcome obstacles to their future. Children listen and care about family values even if they do not appear to listen or care.

Enjoy your break and spend some quality time discussing goals and planning for their future. Without goals…. dreams cannot come true.

Happy Holidays and here's to a great new year in 2022.


Ms. Diamond

PI School Counselor

Pacific Intermediate

195 N Indian Pride Dr

Pacific, MO 63069

Phone: 636-271-1425

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