Trichuriasis a parasite

Any Body Home?

These are found in contaminated soil. People often get Whipworms because they get their hands dirty and touch their hands to their mouths or eyes. the worm it self dosen't enter into your body its eggs do. They lay eggs into the soil and your hands pick up the dirt and eggs, so be sure to wash your hands after getting them dirty.

Lets Eat!

The whip worms prefers humans and burrows in the small intestine with their mouths free to eat, they eat the blood. These are also often found in dogs and cats. some symptoms of having a whip worm is diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss and stomach pain.


These parasites have a few adaptions such as a thread like body to borrow easily into the small intestines also they have adapted to survive are harsh stomach acid to get to the small intestines. the eggs of the whip worm have been able to survive in soil for long periods of time.

The More the Deadlier

Whipworms can release hundreds of eggs at a time. If an adult female lays eggs inside your body the eggs will grow and become adults. Around 80 days after the whipworms are laid they are ready to mate. These are sexual reproducers and when the female lays her eggs there are hundreds.

Extra info

Because most dogs go outside and they aren't the cleanest animals whipworms are most commonly found in puppies and dogs. If you ever get a whipworm it's easy to get rid of all you have to do is take a small pill called mebendazole. Most symptoms include diarrhea, sharp pains in the anus and vomiting