Australia: Disasters and Adaptation

An Aussie Geographic Inquiry By: Hudson Coulls 721


Hello, my name is Hudson! Thank you for taking your time to read this and get ready to be informed! Australia is located in South-West quadrant of the world, and is the lowest, flattest, driest (After Antarctica), and most arid continent. This makes it the site for various natural disasters like cyclones, droughts, floods, and bush fires.


How has the droughts, floods, and other extreme weather affected Australia, and how has the Australian landscape, vegetation, wildlife and people adapted to this weather.

Also, how has climate change affected Australia?



The thing is, I wrote my data out. So I decided to transfer it to a popplet to show on this Smore.
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Contact a professional

As a extra challenge, I have contacted a professional to try and gain some additional information, feedback and opinions. I decided to contact Munich RE, who are experts in many topics and questions, mainly focusing about insuring the public about the future and many of their questions. I emailed the experts in the Australia region and expertise. These experts were all experts in something relevant to my inquiry, from Climate Change effects, to specific natural disasters. Unfortunately, to the date of January 6th, 2016, I have not received a reply.
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To conclude my inquiry, I first asked how these disasters affected Australia and how did they adapt to these natural disasters. I feel that Australia is impacted by a variety of natural disasters like droughts, floods, cyclones, and bush fires. Ironically, they have floods right after droughts, which proves how unique and varied their climate is. With the sub-tropical high pressure belt and the Southern Oscillation El Nino, it makes Australia the place for many cyclones. Even thought there are so many disasters, Australia's fauna, flora, and inhabitants have found ways to adapt and accept these natural disasters. Over the years they have learned how to prevent some of these for example removing trees which would spread the fire, and also plants dropping seeds in contact with heat and fire to try and reproduce and populate. Australia has accepted these natural disasters as part of their lifestyle and part of the environment, because until they do accept it, it will keep on striking them until they decide to do something about it. Climate change increases the frequency of many of the natural disasters. Climate change is a very severe topic right now but imagine how terrible it will be if we don't put a end to it. Increasing all of the disasters mentioned and also making them even worse, climate change will affect Australia's natural disasters and make them even worse for Australian residents of all kind.

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How has the droughts, floods, and other extreme weather affected Australia, and how has the Australian landscape, vegetation, wildlife, and people adapted to this weather?

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After a lot of hard work and pain, just joking, the geographic inquiry is done. We are finally done, until the the inquiry she throws at us. :)


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