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Crestomere School - Grade One - November Newsletter

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It is already November!

Wow! October was definitely a fun filled month! We had a blast doing so many great things! I'm sure the month of November will be the same :)

In order to succeed, you must first believe that you can!

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Important Dates

Monday, November 9th

Remembrance Day ceremony - 10:30 am - 11:30 am. All are welcome :)

Wednesday, November 11th - Friday, November 13th

Remembrance Day, November break (No School)

Thursday, November 19th

CRM Parent Conferences - 3:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Friday, November 20th

PD Day - No School for students

Wednesday, November 25th

Moustache Day

*Mac & Cheese hot lunch day! Notes coming home soon :)

Friday, November 27th

Tie Die Day! (See info below)

Scholastic Book Fair - November 16th - 25th

Mr. Mansbridge is pretty good at magic tricks!

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Some general notes!

Recognizing letters and numbers

As we start doing more writing, I would like to see that the students are able to successfully print and identify letters (uppercase and lowercase) and numbers. Please help your child to ensure they can successfully print these without assistance. Thank you for your support.

Parent volunteers for the month of November

I will be sending a google form out soon so please stayed tuned!

Book Order

Our school will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair from November 16th - 25th. Due to the book fair coming to our school, I will not be sending home a November book order.

Scholastic Book Order forms will be sent home closer to the event to give you an idea of what will be available. Each student purchasing a book will have their name entered in a draw for $25.00 in books for them and also $25.00 in books for their classroom. Let's buy some books and support our school's library!

Hot Lunch Day - Wednesday, November 25th

Mac and Cheese hot lunch day is scheduled for November 25th!

We are looking for some parents to make some chocolate chip cookies to go with our hot lunch day. If you would like to help us out please let me know! :)

Kids Teaching Kids!! #awesome #3/4 friends

Tie Die Day!

To wrap up our colours unit, we will be tie dying t-shirts on Friday, November 27th. Please send in one white t-shirt that your child can tie die by Thursday, November 19th. Please let me know if you will not be able to get a white shirt by then. I will be looking for parent volunteers for this day so please stay tuned!

What's coming for the month of November...

Language - Word Study

For the month of November, we will be looking at spelling and word segmenting 3 letter words. It is a very important skill to be able to distinguish the correct vowel in these common words (for example - in the word bug, students should be able to "stretch the word out" and know which letter says the short /u/ sound). SMART start is helping with this but if you would like some at home practice. The app I recommend is Spelling Magic 1. The picture of the app is to the left of this :) The best part - it's free!

Language - Reading

For the month of November, we will be continuing with word families and focus on syllables and rhyming. We will be reading some Dr. Seuss books to help with this :) We will also be continuing with SMART Start! Please assist your child to review the SMART start concepts by looking at the scribbler that comes home daily.

Language - Writing

For writing, we will be using these 3 letter words to write sentences. As part of sentence writing, students are expected to be able to write sentences using common words as well as draw a picture to match their sentences. (Check out our sentences checklist below!)


We are just wrapping up both the patterns and numbers to 20 units! We will be moving on to adding to 12 and skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's. We will be doing Math games and activities to practice these skills :)

Science & Social Studies

For Social Studies, we are continuing with weekly class meetings to help promote positive friendships while at school. We will be talking about things that are going great as well as things we need to work on not only in the classroom but also on the playground. We will also be looking at how we belong in groups and community, as well as symbols.

For Science, we will be wrapping up our colours unit by tie dying t-shirts on the 27th! We will also be continuing with looking at seasonal changes for fall :)

Health & Life Skills

Health this month will be connected to class meetings and friendships as well as talking about Remembrance Day and the importance of the day.

Parent Conferences!

Please make sure you sign up for conferences as they are this week! Format will be the same as last time :) Let me know if you need help signing up :)

October Review! :)

Want to make sure your child is on track? Please help ensure your child can successfully do the following on their own:

-count to 20 (forward, backward, and starting at random points)

-recognize and print numbers to 20

-write a simple sentence (for example - I can see a cat.) using the checklist I have attached below!

-can identify the sounds in these common blends:

ck, ai, oa, ie, ee, or, ng, oo, ch, sh, th, qu, ou, oi, ue, er, ar

-can copy, create and extend simple patterns (AB, ABB, ABC)

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Spooky reading!

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Harvest happening baking!

We Love Having Mrs. Tulloch in our Classroom!

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Just a little hint for the Christmas concert!

More info coming soon :)

Parent Section :) FYI!

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