MSA Info

PST Interviews - December 3 & 4 from 4:00 - 6:30 pm

Location of Teachers for PST Interviews


Please meet with teachers in their classrooms. Mrs. Raymond and Mrs. Rego will be located outside the Chapel which is above the Foyer.

Mrs. Pimentel, Mrs. Camara, Mrs. Martins, Mrs. Resendes, Miss Almeida, Mrs. Machado will be in their classrooms.

Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Taylor will be circulating and meeting with parents in teachers’ classrooms.


Teachers are located in the Auditorium. High School teachers on the left and Middle School teachers on the right as shown below (when facing the stage).

Ms. Cimino, Ms. Bove, Ms Capelo, Mrs. Dubois, Mrs. K. Exell

Dr. Gibson, Mr. McPhail

Mr. Ressler, Mrs. Moulder

Mr. Tannock, Mrs. Tailford

Mr. Thomas, Mrs. Thomas

Mrs. White

Mrs. Wicks, Mrs. Laing, Miss Spencer, Mrs. Stevens


Ms. Bonnie Exell, Counsellor; Mrs. Rhind, Learning Support

Mr. Ferris, PE

Mrs. Moench/Mrs. Digiacomo, Administration

Outside Chapel:

Mrs. Raymond, PE

Mrs. Rego, Elementary Science, Grade 6 Religion