The story of Anne Frank


Introduction to Anne Frank

Can you imagine living in the 1930s-40s and being punished for thinking, feeling, or even looking different? The people who were punishing other people for these reasons were called the Nazis. The Nazis hated a lot of people but they treated Jews the worst. Unfortunately, Anne Frank was Jewish so her and her family were in grave danger.

Anne Frank continued

She and her family lived in Frankfurt, Germany at the time when the Nazis invaded Germany. But since her and her family are Jewish they fled to Holland in hopes of escaping the Nazis. Unfortunately the Nazis ended up invading Holland when Anne Frank was 11. Then her and her family went into hiding at her dads warehouse behind a secret bookcase in the attic. On her 13th birthday she got a diary that she didn't know at the time but, it would be published later on. She was in the end found by the Nazis and got taken to a camp with her family but then they got split up. Her and her sister Margot stayed together and they both got typhus and died within a day of each other.

Concluding Anne Frank

Anne Frank is known for her writing and how she expressed her feelings through her diary.Even though she lived over 50 years ago she is still famous for writing in that little journal she got for her 13th birthday.

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