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Fishers Elementary Newsletter November 4, 2021

Tiger Update

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Masks are Needed!

We have had a very high occurrence every day of children forgetting masks, breaking their masks, losing them at recess, etc. We are running very short of supply. We would greatly appreciate donations of children's masks! If you would like to help out - please select boxes of disposable children's masks. You may drop off at the office or send in with your child. We truly appreciate your help!

Parent Reminder:

We also ask that your child does not come to school or ride the bus without a mask. It has been very helpful for parents to put one or two extras in their child's backpack as well!

Wearing a mask in the classroom and bus consistently is even more important now with the change in quarantine for students. If ALL students and staff in the classroom or on the bus are masked, they would not have to quarantine if a close contact. Please work with your student to understand the importance of masking in the classroom and bus.

Cafeteria Menu Changes

The following is our menu changes for the week of Nov. 8-12

Monday - Cheese Pizza with Corn

Tuesday - Grilled Cheese with Baked Beans

Wednesday - Cheeseburger Sliders with Butternut Squash

Thursday - French Toast & Sausage Links with Tater Tots

Friday - No school

Please remember - Menu items are subject to change at any time. Due to the supply shortage, changes are at a higher probability until the food delivery situation is resolved. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Student Council Food Drive

FES Student Council is hosting a Food Drive from now until November 22nd. Any nonperishable food is acceptable including but not limited to canned goods, cereal, rice, etc. Thank you in advance for your support!


Our students have been hard at work creating their MASTERPIECES in the art room for our annual ART TO REMEMBER art room fundraiser.

This company has excellent products to choose from each featuring your child’s artwork. For example, there are mugs, notebooks, nightlights, coaster ornaments, mousepads, water bottles and keychains just to name a few.

Prices vary and orders may be placed online or by sending order form and check to school. The order forms have arrived at school and will come home with your child this week. All ordering information is included. You will have until November 9th if you wish to make a purchase. Proceeds will be used to purchase amazing materials for all art classes! Thank you!

Ms. Miller

FES Art Teacher


Open IA Positions

Do you want to be a Tiger? We currently have a couple of open positions at Fishers Elementary School. In the past, we have been able to fill some of our Instructional Assistant positions with members of the FES community. If you'd like to join the Tiger Family as a member of our staff, see the link below or reach out to Mr. Behrman at bbehrman@hse.k12.in.us or Mrs. Black at tblack@hse.k12.in.us.

FES Openings

Social and Emotional Learning Home Link

Kindergarten Parent Info

Emotion Management (SS)

Lesson 7: Sometimes We Feel Sad


In this week’s lesson, your child will learn to use body language and context clues to figure out when someone feels sad. They’ll practice looking at the person’s face and body, as well as thinking about what’s going on in the situation.

Try This at Home:

Encourage your child to notice when others around them feel sad. Have them practice using body language and context clues to figure out when family members, friends, or characters in books, movies, or on TV might be feeling sad.

Grade 1 Parent Info

Emotion Management (SS)

Lesson 6: Noticing Feelings


In this week’s lesson, your child will practice using body language and context clues (looking at the person’s face and body, thinking about what’s going on in the situation) to figure out how someone is feeling.

Try This at Home:

Ask your child to tell you how they think others around them might be feeling, for example a sibling, or a character in a story, a movie, or a TV show.

Imagine Neighborhood:

Listen with your child to the Imagine Neighborhood podcast, Season 2, Episode 5: Alakazambra!

Grade 2 Parent Info

Emotion Management (SS)

Lesson 6: Feeling Proud


In this week’s lesson, your child will learn that we can feel proud when we accomplish something difficult or when we do something nice for others.

Try This at Home:

Ask your child to tell you about a time they felt proud. Tell them about a time you felt proud of something you accomplished or of doing something nice for others.

Grade 3 Parent Info

Emotion Management (SS)

Lesson 7: How Angry?


In this week’s lesson, your child will learn words for three degrees of anger: annoyed, angry, and furious.

Try This at Home:

Ask your child to explain the differences between feeling annoyed, angry, and furious.

Grade 4 Parent Info

Digital Citizenship (CSM)

Be a Super Digital Citizen


In this week’s lesson, your child will be able to reflect on the characteristics that make someone an upstanding digital citizen. They will be able to recognize what cyberbullying is and show ways to be an upstander by creating a digital citizenship superhero comic strip.

Try This at Home:

Discuss with your child what their superhero did that made them an upstanding digital citizen and what your child can do to be an upstanding digital citizen.

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PTO Weekly Communications

U Paint Pottery Fundraiser!

We have another opportunity to make memories that will last for years - UPaint Pottery and Fishers Elementary have teamed up - Check out the following and either print and send into school by Friday, November 12th with your money or click on the link below to make payment. We will take care of the rest. All orders will be accepted until Monday, November 15th in order to have your item ready for the upcoming Holidays.


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Urban Air Fun Night!

Meet us out for fun at Urban Air on Thursday, November 11th from 4pm - 8pm. Kids are virtual on Friday, November 12th with an e-learning day, so this will be a great opportunity to get all the energy out. Hope to see you there!

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Connect with our PTO!

Mrs. Lance-School Counselor-Book a Meeting

If you would like to have a meeting with our school Counselor Mrs. Lance, please click on the above link to schedule an appointment!

Virtual Technology Assistance

If you need help with Virtual Technology, please click on the above link !

Help Fishers Elementary School PTO earn 4% back when you enroll your Kroger Plus Card in the Kroger Community Rewards Program.

Participation is EASY & FREE!

register your card online at www.krogercommunityrewards.com.

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