Leadership: The backbone to society

By: Hannah Green

10 Effective Leaders

1. Winston Churchill

2. FDR

3.George Washington

4.Abraham Lincoln

5. Martin Luther King Jr.

6. Warren Buffet

7. Donald Trump

8. US Navy Seals

9. Sarah Palin

10. JFK

What five qualities might these leaders have in common?

1.All did something important

2. Great work ethic

3. They have a belief

4. All are men, except one

5.They lead rather than follow

Three most important qualities

  1. They have a belief
  2. Exhibits great work ethic
  3. They lead rather than follow

How do you define yourself as an effective leader?

I define myself as an effective leader on the tennis court, school and church. I am always setting good examples for the peers around me and the children that look up to me.