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6 Word Memoir

I am always the best forever.

Laws to abide by in Ethan's new Regime

1. Absolutely no reading whatsoever

2. Lights out at 9:30 p.m. No exceptions

3. Everyone must watch the morning news at 7:00 everyday

4. Every body has to walk places; no vehicles

5. People will not have a say in what I or my fellow leaders do

6. Everyone has to have a camera in their room.

7. No more than 3 people can gather into a group

8. Nobody shall commit treason

9. Nobody can advertise their business without direct permission

10. Failure to follow these laws will result in being sent to farawayville

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Winstons journal entry

It has been a weird day today. First I woke up in a dreary, and sad mood. Maybe it was from the dream I had that night. I know that the dream was sad, but I don't know what it was. These days my memory always seems to let me down. I listened to the propaganda on the monitor. I didn't really listen to it although, I just sat in my bed thinking. I had all sorts of great thoughts about the past and an imaginary world in the future. I couldn't put my finger on it but in this perfect world, the mood seemed different from ours. It was exactly the same except the atmosphere felt weird. That's when I realized that this society was lacking something. Something huge but I don't know what. I need more time to think...


Newspeak and Text Talk

While offering many benefits, both of these-- what could be called-- languages fall short in some aspects too.

I have been using text talk all of my cell phone-using life. I use it when I'm talking to my friends, my mom, and other peers. It very simple because I can just type a few letters and be on my way with my life. For example, "I'm gng to gt grcrys, c u l8r, Bill". Text talk lets me say what I want to say without being too formal or wasting time. It's perfect for today's attitude of go, go, go.

Even though newspeak is terrific, it has some negative aspects. For starters sometimes it's hard to find the right word for my idea. It's also misunderstood a lot of the times between my friends and I because a lot of words sound the same. This also holds true for text talk in the way that I'm misunderstood and I can get ideas across as easily. Sometimes it takes longer to type with text talk because of autocorrect. But these are small prices to pay for extra time.

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