Ingredients for Success

Cooking Up a Wonderful Lesson

Great job, Ms. Klager!

Upcoming Events


December 1:

  • Faculty Meeting: Discovery Education
  • Dr. Beth Cochran on campus at 1:00

December 2:

  • Book Signing at Quail Ridge (5:30-8:00)
  • BT Meeting (3:30-4:30)

December 3:

  • Fifth Grade Forestry Class Visit (1:45-2:45)

December 4:

  • Happy birthday, Kelly Pattison!
  • Fifth Grade Grocery Field Trip
  • Fourth Grade Diamond Dale's Mining
  • Principal Meeting - Ms. Summers off campus
  • Future-Ready Leaders Meeting - Ms. Wilson off campus

December 5:

  • Happy birthday, Janet!
  • Children's Chat

December 7:

  • Happy birthday, Renee!

NEXT WEEK (Science Week)

December 8:

  • Third Grade Star Lab Parent Night (6:00-7:30)

December 9:

  • Lighthouse Team Meeting

December 10:

  • School-wide Spelling Bee (9:00-11:00)
  • Happy birthday, Kalan!
  • Happy birthday, Karen!

December 11:

  • Silver Tray Luncheon

December 12:

  • Fifth Grade Clubs
  • IRT Meeting
  • PTA Board Meeting (8:30)


Book Signing Schedule & Information:

5:30 - 2nd grade

5:45 - Kindergarten

6:00 - 3rd grade

6:15 - 4th grade

6:30 - 5th grade

7:00 - Muriel speaks about Leader in Me release

7:30 - 1st grade

Please remember to promote this to your kids. Thank you!

Blended Learning

Please let the admin team know what barriers you have to implementing Achieve3000, Imagine Learning (if you have students on it), and TenMarks. It was recommended that students are on blended learning programs 100 minutes per program per week. Remember, this can be flexible; 200 minutes over 2 weeks will work. Here's an example!

Specials Change

Due to the administration of the IOWA test in 3rd grade on the mornings of December 4 and 5, 3rd and 4th grade special times will switch.

  • 4th grade will have specials from 9:20-10:05
  • 3rd grade will have specials from 1:20-2:05

Thank you for your flexibility!


Interims should be sent home December 12th.

Parade of Giving

Please encourage your students to bring one food item on Friday. They are more than welcome to bring more, but please keep enough in your classroom so that each of your students will be able to place one item in the bins (even if they were not able to bring in anything).

EVAAS Results

We will be reviewing your EVAAS data with you between now and the holidays. Please take time to review your data before we meet, and think about what your personal goal will be.

CommuniGator Analytics

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