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Welcome to Viewtrakr

What IS View Trakr And What Can It Do For You?

View Trakr helps you build your own network by connecting and sharing information or in this case videos.

At same time monetizes your network. It is based on the principle of getting paid on your Viewer Network and your Score. Scores = Video Views. The View Trakr tool was designed to build your network at lighting speed.

With the click of a button, YOUR videos replace our videos. YOUR brand replaces our brand. Your personality, your instructions, guiding your network, sharing your message...not ours. But it doesn't stop there. After you build it, you can replicate it with the ViewTrakr™ "Clone it and Own it" technology.

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How much would it cost to build a system like this yourself that includes:

Social media integration
Site replication
Training center replication
ViewTrakr™ (view tracking) technology
Data capture robots
Customizable text and email alerts
Info button lead generator
The ViewTrakr™ Training Game
Site builder technology
And much, much more

Let's just say that ViewTrakr™ can make you look like a million bucks, which is about how much it would cost and yet we get it all for less than $25 a month. Game On View Trakr.

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Brand Your Brand - Customized Video Marketing

Branding your self and your brand has never been easier and more fun. If you are in tune with growing trends then you understand the power of video viewing and sharing.

View Trakr provides you with what I like to call your own "Private Viewing Room" and customizable templates to fit your business or brand.

See What Your View Page Would Look Like With Your Choice Of Videos

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Explode Your Business For $25 Advertsing Investment

Get Paid To Advertise and Share Your Business

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