Coal energy

Haley small,Adriana rivera

How is this resource formed and how is it used?

Coal is formed by the plants that have died they are covered by dirt and over the years pressure forms them into coal. Coal is used as electric power,industry,and converting coal into gases and liquids.
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Coal makes more energy quickly. Coal is ready made fuel. Coal is relatively cheap to mine and covert into energy. Coal supplies will last longer than oil or gas.


When burned coal gives off atmospheric pollutants,including green house gases.

Where is the resource found most abundantly?

Wyoming has the most coal producted in the US in 2013.
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Are there any harmful effects to the earth from creating or using this resource?

Yes there are because the ground can possibly callapse on the miners and burning coal can effect the environment.

Renewable or nonrenewable?

Coal is classified as nonrenewable because it takes millions of years for it to form.
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