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September 2019

Pre-register for Class Parties

At Park Hill School District, student safety is highly valued. Union Chapel has a secured entrance with an intercom system in place for visitor entry. We require all visitors to be entered into our visitor screening system, Raptor, by scanning driver’s licenses. As we look ahead to large events at UC, including class parties, we will pre-register visitors for these events. Stop by the Union Chapel office anytime during regular school hours to update your driver’s license in our visitor system. If you have already had your license scanned this year, you do not need to register again. If you plan to join us for the Fall classroom parties on October 31, pre-register now by calling or stopping by the UC office. Avoid the check in line by pre-registering today!

Fall Picture Day- Tuesday, September 10th

All students will have their individual pictures taken this day as these pictures will appear in the yearbook. Once again this year, there will be online ordering only. Families have the option to prepay or wait for a proof picture with the option to order online at a later date. There will be fall picture re-takes on October 22 for any student absent on September 10.

Please click here for more information.

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News from the Gator Grill

If your child has brought their lunch from home and needs a drink, he or she may purchase a milk for 60 cents or a juice for 40 cents. These items are included in the price of a school lunch, but are available at an extra cost for home lunch.

Union Chapel always welcomes parents who wish to eat lunch with their child. If you are interested in joining your child for lunch, please check in with the front office ahead of time so that our Gator Grill staff can add you into our lunch count. This will ensure that we have enough food prepared for both students and parent visitors.

Eliminate Bullying

One in three children is directly involved in bullying as a perpetrator, victim, or both. Parents, as well as schools, have the power to change that. Click here to read a list of methods you can use to help!

También disponible en español aquí

How can I tell the difference between bullying and other mean behaviors?

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Let's Stay In Touch!

Please sign up for phone/text alerts at www.parkhill.k12.mo.us to receive all notifications and alerts from the district. This includes school closing notifications. You will click on the yellow and green icons at the top right side of the main page to access the registration forms.

Social Worker Spotlight

Hi Union Chapel families! I’m school social worker Ellie Hart, and I've been looking forward to putting a spotlight on attendance. At Union Chapel, we want ALL of our students here every day! We know that due to sickness and other unforeseen circumstances, that isn’t always possible. However, when do attendance concerns turn in to chronic absenteeism? Chronic absenteeism is when a student misses 10% or more of school days. This percentage can be made up of both full and partial day absences. In elementary school, we don’t differentiate between excused and unexcused absences; every time your child misses school, for whatever reason, his or her percentage of absences increases. Poor attendance has adverse effects on reading, math, social skills, test scores, high school graduation rates, and more. It is so important that we start the year with STRONG attendance, because research shows that students who miss more school in September are significantly more likely to become chronically absent later in the year. The good news? Students who miss fewer than two days in September typically have good attendance rates for the entire year! Please help your Union Chapel Gators start the year strong by getting to school each day.

How can you boost your child’s attendance?

  • Make school a priority! Make sure your child knows how important it is to be at school every day.
  • Ensure your transportation plan is strong. Do you have a back-up plan for unforeseen transportation issues?
  • Always let your child’s teacher know when he or she will miss school, and make sure you’re requesting makeup work.
  • Carefully weigh sick days. Keep in mind that we have a school nurse, who is happy to see your child if they’re not feeling well. When your child is sick, always check with your child’s healthcare provider to determine how long he or she should stay home from school.
  • Arrange appointments and vacations outside of school hours, whenever possible.
  • Prepare your child for successful mornings—try setting an alarm, having your child lay out their outfit the night before, having backpacks and shoes ready, etc.
  • Contact me, your child’s school social worker, to talk more in depth about how to improve your child’s attendance. I’m here to help!

Thank you for working hard to instill positive attendance habits in your students! Please contact me at 816-359-5733 or harte@parkhill.k12.mo.us with any questions, suggestions, or for assistance.

All information from www.attendanceworks.org

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2019-2020 Union Chapel Music Programs

October 10, 2019

3rd Grade-Children of the World

November 14, 2019

5th Grade-On the Radio

January 16, 2020

4th Grade-Broadway

February 27, 2020

1st Grade-Dr. Seuss

March 12, 2020

Kindergarten-Barnyard Moosical

April 16, 2020

2nd Grade- Lemonade

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Each year, the UC PTA asks the UC Staff to be a part of the UC Staff Favorites google doc. We

are fortunate to be a part of a very generous community and this is a list of our favorite things.

Whether you want to know a teacher’s birthdate or bring them their favorite Sonic drink, this list is available for your reference. Click here to view the UC Staff Favorite Things.

School Start Times Update

Based on overwhelming feedback from our Park Hill parents, staff members, students and community members, we decided not to change our start times for the 2019-2020 school year. However, we still have challenges due to the nationwide shortage of bus drivers. In addition, while costs for transportation increased sharply over the last few years, state funding for transportation has not kept up. Because we have some money in our reserves, this gap in funding is not an immediate crisis, but we cannot keep taking money from the reserves indefinitely for this and other costs.

The district has an advisory committee, which will take the findings from our Sleep and Start Times work group and make some recommendations to the district and the Board. We will also ask for more public feedback to inform the Board as it makes its decision. In addition to an in-person public feedback meeting, we will continue to get your feedback using our public engagement web site, Park Hill Listens. To get the latest information and give us your feedback, go to https://www.parkhilllistens.com/school-start-times.

Stay in the Know

Keep up with all that is happening in the Union Chapel library this year by following our Instagram account! You can find us on the app under ucmediacenter.

For schoolwide updates, our UC Instagram is uc_gators.

Parent-Student Handbook

The 2019-2020 parent-student handbook is now online. It provides official notices and important information about rules, policies and procedures related to the safety and operation of our schools. Click here for more information and to read the parent-student handbook.

Park Hill Stars

The Park Hill Star program was started in 2015 to recognize employees who reflect the district’s values of continuous improvement, high expectations, integrity, visionary leadership, equity and student focus.Our employees are the reason we are so successful here in the Park Hill School District, and we would like to recognize them for all they do for our students. Anyone can nominate an employee for the monthly recognition.

We present the Park Hill Star award once a month to a pre-K or elementary teacher, a secondary teacher and a support employee. The nomination form for the Park Hill Star award is open! To nominate an exemplary Park Hill employee, please click here .

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2019-2021 National PTA School of Excellence

We are proud to announce that Union Chapel has been recognized as a 2019-2021 National PTA School of Excellence! This program designates, supports, and celebrates partnerships between PTAs and schools to enrich the educational experience and overall well-being for all students.

Way to go, Gators!

Union Chapel Vision and Mission Statement

Our Vision

Building Successful Futures * Each Student * Every Day

Our Mission

Union Chapel is a safe, caring environment that upholds high standards and inspires students to achieve their personal best so they will become successful lifelong learners and citizens of character.

At Union Chapel Elementary School, we value:

  • A positive and structured environment;
  • Open line of clear and regular communication;
  • Collaboration;
  • Students feeling valued, respected and safe;
  • Variety in learning approaches to meet individual learning needs, styles, and interests; and
  • High standards and a clear purpose for learning.