The Touch By: Stan Bush

-Saad Elliott

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About The Song

The Touch was released in 1986 as a soundtrack for the animated film Transformers: The Movie. It was written by Stan bush and also has 2 remakes in 2007. This song was also playable in one of the Guitar Hero games.

Stan Bush also made a few other songs for Transformers like Dare and Till all are one which was made in 2010 for the video game Transformers: War for Cybertron.

I think the message of this song is that you can achieve anything if you try. My favorite lyrics in this song are “And you never get hit when your back’s to the wall. Gonna fight till the end and you're takin’ it all…”

Personally I think this song is amazing. I love the lyrics, the music and the movie of course. I recommend this song to anyone having a bad day because this song is a major self-esteem booster. I also recommend it to anyone who’s having a great day and this song will make it even better.

Transformers - The Movie(1986) - The Touch