Tuesday Times

Havelock North Primary School 1st June 2021


Kia ora Koutou,

Welcome to the first official day of winter, although to be fair, I think winter has been here for a week or so already. Only another 20 days until the shortest day.

Room 11 and 12 are now back in their newly renovated classrooms which is exciting. The acoustics in Room 11, in particular, is now much better and they certainly look fresher and more vibrant. A big thank you to Miss Denny, Mrs Field and the students for their patience over the past few weeks. Thanks also goes to our Property Manager, Robin Gray and to Pete Newton for making the move as seamless as possible.

Last Wednesday night we had a good crowd attend the Structured Literacy evening. A big thank you to everyone in attendance and well done to our teaching team for their presentation. We hope you found the evening informative. We certainly received a good deal of positive feedback and we appreciate your support around this piece of work. Change is always challenging and rightfully people question the motive for change. For those who were not able to attend the evening, we will look to uploading our presentation on the website.

A special welcome to our new student Rosie Hammond and Jamie Olivier. Well done on making such a positive start to school Rosie and Jamie.

A reminder that all local Primary and Intermediate state schools have a Teacher Only Day this Friday 4th June.

Thank you and have a great week everyone.

Ngā mihi

Nick Reed


Soraya's Convincing Argument

Dear Mr Reed

Our world is precious, it’s the only one we’ve got. Yet we are treating it like a rubber ball we forgot about, in other words we are forgetting that the environment matters as much as we do. Climate change is humans' fault, it’s our mess we need to clean it up. To do this we need to take small steps. I am asking for your permission to make a small bush walk behind room 6 & 7. Because this little thing can do so much. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen for us to breathe. We could become a better school just from planting a few small trees. We need to clean our mess one step at a time. So let my wish come true. Unfortunately you're probably thinking “who’s going to plant the trees, who’s going to water the trees?” Well put those worries to rest, because there are some amazing responsible children at this school. I said I wanted to make my mark on this school before I left, well this is my chance.

Yours sincerely,

Soraya Riddell


Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui

Be strong, be brave, be patient.

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Hui - Week 7

We have a Hui planned for Thursday 17th June from 6-7 pm to help us plan for Matariki week 5th - 8th July. We would love your thoughts and ideas around developing a wonderful week of learning for our tamariki. We are also working with the local High School to coordinate a Matariki evening (5-7 pm) on Tuesday 6th July. Potentially our Kapa Haka could be involved. We will have more information in next week's edition.

Junior Skipping for Fun and Fitness Te Kakano and Pakiaka Teams...

On Friday 11th June...

11.30- 12.10 - Pakiaka

12.20-12.50 - Te Kakano

Parents of the children in Te Kakano and Pakiaka Teams are invited to come along and view the children in action as they skip, jump and participate in a range of fitness activities that showcase their skills and perseverance at the completion of our Skipping/Jumping PE unit. Parents, please watch and support your child from outside the courts- either from the upper turf or around the edges of the lower turf. That way the children will be able to keep focused on their rotations. We have some of our wonderful PALS students supporting us as we practice our skipping/jumping skills.

Blast in the Park 2021 needs your help

It is the Blast in the Park 16th year and we need volunteers to ensure we have another successful year.

This event is now engrained in our communities calendar and is an important fundraiser for HNPS. We are seeking the commitment of volunteers to help pull this great event together, so have a think if this would interest you, talk to other friends at the school that would be keen and also talk to any other people that have a connection or passion for the Havelock North Primary School community. If you are interested or would like to discuss further please contact Steve Gregory by Friday 11th June.

It is important to note if we don’t have enough volunteer support this event will not be able to go ahead for 2021.


027 549 9179

2021 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)

Once again we intend to offer, to Year 4, 5 and 6 students, the opportunity to sit competitions in English and Mathematics.

Please be aware these ICAS tests involve a high level of reading ability and the tests are an optional assessment for students and they are challenging. These are a one off test, that are held on one day and not necessarily a true indication of a child’s actual ability. Participation is entirely voluntary and at the discretion of parents.

Parents interested in finding out more information regarding the competitions can look online at https://www.unswglobal.unsw.edu.au/educational-assessments/products/icas-assessments/.

The English test will be held on the week beginning the 16th August and the Maths test will be held on the week beginning the 30th August.

This year parents will enter and pay for their child online to save the office double handling the money and to ensure no registrations are missed. Please visit the link below and use the school code to pay. Once a child is registered they will appear on the schools ICAS login page.

Use this link to register: https://shop.icasassessments.com/pages/pps

Use this school access code: VYV289

Closing dates for these tests are; English 1st August, and Maths 15th August. Chromebooks will be the best devices to use for these tests. Prior to the test, I will need to check each student’s device to ensure it has the capability to sit the test. The Tuesday Times will be the only source of correspondence about the ICAS assessments.

Nga mihi,

Greg Bain

Deputy Principal

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Values Awards Recepients

Congratulations this week to Ezra Baker (Resilience), Ed Symes (Respect), Ayla Borrie (Responsibility) and Brooke Gold (Relationships). Thank you all for being amazing role models in our school.
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Maui Dolphin

Our Maui dolphin fundraising day is Friday 11 June. We are busy making posters and planning other activities to raise awareness and help save these amazing animals.

Raglan Area School wrote a song about Maui dolphins. See the link below.


Lucia Hains

Year 4, Room 3

School Photos 17th June

This year photographs will be available for you to view and order Online with Photo Life Studios.

After the photos have been taken your son or daughter will bring home a slip with their unique Access Key detailed on it. This Access Key will display all the photographs of your child. It is then an easy process for you to shop online and purchase the photographs you want.

If you place your order within three weeks of receiving your Access Key you will receive free delivery for your photo orders. Photo Life has agreed to dispatch all the orders back to the school and your child will bring their photographs home.

Any orders placed after this three week period will be sent directly to your specified delivery address and will incur a $6.00 Postage & Packing charge. You will see this message when you go online to view and order your photographs.

Please be aware we are not doing sibling photos again this year due to time restraints.

SPORT Term 2

Please send any HNPS sporting action shots to sport@hnps.school.nz

HNPS sports this term

HNPS Tui vs HNPS Kiwi Hockey home game

This Week's STAC AWARDS Recipients

S = Sportmanship T = Teamwork A = Attitude C = Coachability


Jack Christie

Jacob Majors


Isla Scott

Renee Redmond

Eriez Bellamy

Olivia O'Callaghan King

Sophia Morris

Brooke Makris


Victoria Dorward

Renee Redmond

Harry Lyndon

Niamh McGuillicudy

Bea Stewart

Olivia O'Callaghan King

Zoe Forster

Rupert Hammond

Isabelle Gibson

Canoe Polo

Kenzie Atkinson

George Dorward

Out and About

Te Mata Park Tree Planting Dates

All volunteer days will run from approximately 9am to 12pm.

Saturday 5th June – Tauroa Forest planting day

Sunday 20th June – Te Kahika planting day

Sunday 27th June– Rongoā garden

Saturday 3rd July – Maintenance and planting day

Sunday 18th July– Te Kahika planting

Sunday 25th July- Rongoā garden

Sunday 8th August– Planting day

To stay up to date with our volunteer events, go to our website: https://www.tematapark.co.nz/current-park-info/

Or sign up to receive our volunteer newsletter for regular updates: https://www.tematapark.co.nz/get-involved/#donate

Another option is to donate trees. At $10 a tree, they make a wonderful gift, and each donation helps to fund our planting projects.


For more details or to register your attendance, please get in touch with me.

Thank you so much for your time, and please consider joining us and becoming kaitiaki of our maunga.

Ngā mihi nui,

Sara Shaw

Communications & Education

Te Mata Park Trust

027 233 6099


Term Dates and Teacher Only Days 2021

Term 2 2021

3 May – 9 July Public holiday this term is Queen’s Birthday – Monday 7 June

Term 3 2021

26 July – 1 October

Term 4 2021

18 October – 16 December

Public holidays this term are Hawke's Bay Anniversary - Friday 22nd October and Labour Day – Monday 25 October

Teacher Only Days

4th June

27th August

Up Coming Events

  • Teacher Only Day 4th June
  • Queen's Birthday - 7th June
  • Sushi and Pie Friday 11th June
  • Junior Skipping for Fun and Fitness Te Kakano and Pakiaka Teams Friday 11th June
  • Endangered Species Mufti Day Friday 11th June
  • School Photographs - Thursday 17th June
  • Sushi and Pie Friday 2nd July
  • End of Term 2 - Friday 9th July
  • Big Night Out - Saturday 7th August