Pedal to the Medal

App about Cars


The purpose of our app is to show lists of the fastest, top rated, luxury level, top safest, information on different brands and models of cars. It is an app for people that are interested in the car world.

What You can do

  • You can see Images of cars
  • List of fastest cars
  • Information about brands
  • Rss Feeds
  • See videos of cars on YouTube
  • Links to Info pages
  • and more!!!

What we are going to use

  • Rss Feed
  • Gallery
  • Links to youtube and car webpages
  • Information about brands
  • Google Docs


We will use 5 Main tabs:

  • Home
  • Top rated
  • Brands
  • Rss Feeds


Our Crew

Julian Rodriguez

Sebastian Sheedy

Andres Gallarraga

Eduardo Davila


Our app will be customized using a racing theme background, many car pics and icons,

the app has an original made up logo and a readable text, the app design will be very colourful and very fun!