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Back to School 2022-2023

Welcome to NMS

Dear NMS Families,

It is with great excitement that I welcome you back for the 2022-2023 school year at Northside Middle School. I hope your summer has been enjoyable and relaxing. Our first day of school is Thursday, August 11, 2022 beginning at 8:20 and ending at 3:25. Please pay particular attention to the dates and times as outlined in this newsletter. You may also visit our webpage at for more information.

We have had a busy, but enjoyable summer at Northside Middle School preparing for the 2022-2023 school year. I look forward to students and staff returning to our outstanding school. I would like to commend our students and staff on a very successful 2021-2022 school year and adjusting to all the changes brought on by the COVID Pandemic. We were re-designated for a second time last school year as a National Schools to Watch and will continue to build on our tradition of excellence that makes us one of the best schools in the Commonwealth. We are also excited to continue our behavior initiative this school year called Norsemen Gold. Information on this initiative is included in this newsletter.

You may access any of the newsletters this school year by going to the school web-site which is If you do not have access to the internet and would like a newsletter mailed to you, please contact Mrs. Glass (561- 8145).

There are few places more dynamic or exciting as a middle school. My administration and I greatly value your student’s education and overall experience at Northside Middle School. I want Northside Middle School to be a place where students are safe and happy. I also want to make sure they have the ability to receive an education that will help them build on their future and pursue their dreams. If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call me or stop in and say hello. Once again welcome back, and let's all work together at making this another fun, exciting, and successful year at Northside Middle School!


Paul N. Lineburg, Ed.D.


562-3900 ext. 33002

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Norsemen Gold

This school year Northside Middle School will continue to implement Norsemen GOLD. This is a school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program that encourages students to focus on academics, follow school expectations, and treat others with respect. We know that when good behavior and good teaching come together, our students will excel in their learning. We are proud to be a part of Roanoke County’s initiative to implement Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports throughout the school system.

As part of our Norsemen GOLD initiative, we will establish several clear expectations and rules for the behavior expected in all areas of our school. We will explicitly teach those expectations to the students and acknowledge them frequently with positive comments and incentives for their great behavior. The expectations for all student behavior will be clear throughout our building and grounds, cafeteria, gymnasium, restrooms, and classrooms. You will be able to ask your student, “What are the rules in your school?” “How do you follow those rules?” “What happens when a teacher sees you following the rules?” Please see the Behavior Matrix below.

Our school expectations and rules will help provide for a safer school environment and give more time for instruction. We will apply consistent consequences and positive reinforcement for all kids. By defining every expected behavior and teaching to kids in a positive way, we will provide a common language for everyone in our building, including students, teachers, front office staff, paraprofessionals, families, and the community.

We believe that by helping students practice good behavior, we will build a school community where all students have an environment where they can succeed and grow.

We would like your input and your involvement. Please contact us at school if you have any questions or need further information. Thank you for your support of Norsemen GOLD!


First day school forms must be completed online using Annual Verification (ANVER) which is accessed through your ParentVUE account. Parents will receive an alert in early July to log into their ParentVUE account to complete the Annual Verification for their children. The Annual Verification (ANVER), (formerly known as Student First Day Forms Online) will open July 8th and stay open through August 5th. We ask that one parent per student log into their ParentVUE account and complete the Annual Verification. This process is extremely important since this is where you update your contact information, emergency contact information, student health information and accept all needed acknowledgments. Parents will no longer receive a SNAP code letter in the mail; ANVER is done completely through your ParentVUE account. If you can’t access your ParentVUE account or have any questions, please contact your child’s school.

More information is available on our website:


We will not have a Business Day this school year since there are no fees for student laptops. On July 29, 2022, both Parent Vue and Student Vue will open for the 2022-2023 school year. At that time you will be able to log on and view your child’s schedule. If something appears incorrect, please contact the guidance department for correction. Please keep in mind as classes continue to be balanced prior to the first day of school, you may see your child’s schedule change. For 6th Grade students, we will mail student schedules home July 29.


Monday, Aug. 8th, 9-11am

6810 Northside High School Road

Roanoke, VA

There will be an orientation meeting for ALL 6th graders and those 7th & 8th grade students NEW to NMS. The 6th grade will report to the auditorium at 9:00 a.m. for a brief meeting before touring classrooms. The new 7th & 8th grade students should report to the library at 9:00 a.m. for a similar activity. We look forward to seeing all of you.


Monday, Aug. 8th, 2-6pm

6810 Northside High School Road

Roanoke, VA

We will have an Open House for all 7th and 8th graders from 2:oo p.m. - 6:00 p.m. You will be able to visit your teachers during this time. Student schedules will be available for those who need one. We look forward to seeing all of you.



Ear Buds


1 Large Binder


Loose Leaf Paper

Glue Sticks

Pocket Dividers


Colored Pencils


Pencil Pouch


Providing laptop computers for instructional use by students is an exciting venture. Students in all grade levels will be provided a laptop computer. Certain guidelines are necessary to protect the laptop and the school network and ensure that this technology serves as an effective instructional tool. ANVER will contain a laptop loan agreement that you must sign. Please make sure that you review this agreement with your student and sign so that we can distribute laptops in a timely manner.

News from Nurse Tershak

The new school year is quickly approaching; Roanoke County Schools offers many services that assist parents and students to have a positive learning experience. One of these services is the Student Health Program. This program is designed to promote wellness and protect the health of students, faculty and staff. School nurses are available most of the school day to assess and treat minor illnesses/injuries that occur during the school day, evaluate immunization histories, assess communicable diseases occurring in the student population (flu, strep throat, etc.), and manage prescription medication needs during the school day. School nurses work closely with the school counselors, administration, faculty, life counselor and attendance to encourage a successful educational experience.

Parents/guardians will receive a letter during the summer with information on completing school forms online in ANVER on ParentVue. This includes a Student Health form. If not completed on-line, the student will receive a paper copy of the forms at the beginning of next school year. PLEASE COMPLETE THESE FORMS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The information you provide will allow for the best possible care for your child if and when he/she has a health need.

Students may carry their own supply of cough drops and lip balm; however, they may not carry any other over the counter or prescription medications to school. Prescription and over the counter medications MUST be brought to the school by the parent/guardian in the original container or pharmacy prescription bottle. The only exception to this requirement concerns students needing diabetes medicine and supplies, asthma medications and severe allergy medications. If your student requires medication at school, a Medication Administration Consent form must be completed. Additionally, a physician signature is required for all prescription medications and herbal remedies/supplements that are not approved by the FDA. Students with asthma, diabetes, seizures, or life threatening allergies will need an action plan completed and signed by their doctor. All health forms can be obtained by going to These forms are also available at the school.


In the past, students were required to have a Tdap vaccine prior to entering the 6th grade. Under new guidelines and recent state legislation, the Tdap booster vaccine is now recommended for children who are 11 years old and will be required for entry into 7th grade. Students who received their Tdap at age ten will not need another Tdap vaccine to enter 7th grade. Once your rising 6th grade student has their 11th birthday, please make an appointment for the Tdap vaccine with their healthcare provider or the health department. Please obtain documentation that your child received the vaccine and send a copy of the documentation to your child’s school.

As a School Nurse, I strive to keep all students and staff healthy and safe. During the school year, please keep in mind that this is not a “full service” clinic. Please encourage your child to eat a healthy breakfast daily- the school/clinic is unable to provide snacks. If your child is sent home due to illness, please follow Roanoke County’s recommendations regarding when to return to school. I am here to help you and your child the best I can, so please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Please let us know if your child has an ongoing medical condition requiring daily or weekly attention/medication such as migraines/headaches, severe allergies, gastrointestinal issues, nose bleeds, etc. Our goal is to keep students in the classroom and out of the clinic, so we may need to develop a plan to best assist each individual situation.

I am looking forward to a great school year!


  • Join the PTA: Help us meet our goal of 100% this year for only $5.00 per parent. The PTA helps fund our student agendas, so there’s no cost to you.
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  • 2022-2023 PTA Board
  • President: Sara McKnight
  • Treasurer: Lynn Wampler


Carina Hughes, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director; 540-562-3900, Extension 33004

Update: As of June 23, 2022, 6th-grade students will be provided the opportunity to participate in middle school sports.

Athletic Passes will be sold for all 2022-23 home middle school events for $55 for adults and $15 for students. See Mrs. Hanna Taylor, School Bookkeeper if interested.

Individual game ticket prices – Adults - $5, Students - $2


Facebook – Northside Middle School Volleyball

This summer, we are in the process of hiring a new coaching staff. Meanwhile, 2021 Assistant Coach Kathy Draper and Roanoke College player Kyleen Draper have been offering open gyms in the evenings for the month of June. There will be no open gyms for the first two weeks in July. Please visit the NMS website-Athletics-Volleyball, for more information about open gyms for the last two weeks in July. Students in grades 6 – 8 are eligible to play volleyball. You must have an updated VHSL Sports Physical for 2022-23. Bring water and appropriate shoes and attire. Volleyball Tryouts start on August 1 in the evening. See the website for more information later in July.


Northside Middle School football will be having open fields throughout the summertime for anyone interested in playing football this year. Grades 6-8 are eligible to play football. All students interested in playing football must have a completed VHSL physical on file with the school. The open field dates for July are the 13th and 20th. The start time for open fields is 6 pm and the ending time is 7:30 pm. Equipment pickup will be July 25 at 6 pm behind NMS. All interested players are asked to bring their team fee ($60) and their completed VHSL 2022-23 sports physical. Feel free to reach out to Coach Fisher at for any questions concerning football at NMS.

Sports Physicals suggestions:

  • Medexpress, Williamson Road. 540-265-8294 - $45.00
  • American Family Care Urgent Care – 540-774-0000- $25.00