By: Brenner Woodcock.

Renewable or Non renewable?

Renewable because all plants get its energy from the sun and regrows it's self

Biomass energy - How it all works?

Where is biomass found on the earth or is it produced with technology?

Bio-mass is found all around us.

How does biomass work to produce energy for individuals and whole groups or communities?

Today, most of the biomass energy we use comes from wood. It
accounts for almost half of biomass consumption. Other biomass
sources include biofuels (alcohol fuels), crops, garbage, and landfill gas.

Who uses biomass now? (individuals,groups, and or country)

People in the U.S.A. use biomass such as the state of Ohio biomass energy program.
Biomass is the fourth largest source of energy and is used by practically every country.

Is biomass expensive?

Biomass is not very expensive but the process to make it can be.

Also, biomass is typically cheaper than oil but more expensive than gas.