April 2016 Team Recognition


Here comes the freight train!

We grew from our best month ever by nearly 55%!! And I know that most of you had your best month ever by even more! Can you feel it? That TIDAL WAVE is just beginning so I encourage you to GET ON IT! And invite others to come along with us! People want to feel a part of something....and what we have going on right now, is something BIG!! Now more than ever is the time to share this incredible opportunity with those around you!

What I know too, is that these next few months are set up to be EVEN BIGGER than what happened in April. Are you ready for it?! Do you have a Rolling 10 on your calendar?! Are you reaching out to your Dream Team, inviting them to take a peek?! Trust me, you won't want to get to the end of this tidal wave thinking, "I wish I would have focused a bit more and just got after it."

This recognition for April just blows my mind! So many new names and faces! If you haven't introduced yourself to me, either at Nation or via Facebook, please do :-). It's so nice to put faces to the names I write and see!

We have THREE Regional Vice Presidents in Qualification on this team alone.....with MULTIPLE others coming soon!! This is JUST THE BEGINNING of the WHITE OUT that is going to happen this year! Who's gonna be next?!?!

MY VISION in the next few months! Which one is yours??

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April Recognition - Effective May 1st

Congratulations on your promotion, qualification, and/or bonus!

½ Way to Nation – Both over 100,000+ QV!

Liz Hutchinson

Holly Houseworth

RVPs in Qualification

Gwyneth Spinden in Trisha Dreiling’s Region

McKenzie Cartwright in Holly Houseworth’s Region

Janel Shackelford in Holly Houseworth’s Region

½ Way to Region

Maggie Meyer (CA)

Lisa Meiring (CO)

Megan Berry (CO)

Tania Diller (CO)

Jenn Mitchell (WY)

Area Managers in Qualification

Stephanie Aretz (CO) in Trisha Dreiling’s Area

Hillary Dunks (CO) in Lisa Meiring’s Area

Shawna Lanham (CO) in Liz Hutchinson’s Area

Kristen Cooper Borkenhagen (WI) in Maggie Meyer’s Area

Jocelyn Weart (CA) in Maggie Meyer’s Area

Chrisanna Lund (WY) in Janel Shackelford’s Area

Amber Kavan (CO) in Tania Diller’s Area

Jaimie Diemer (CA) in Tania Diller’s Area

New DMs (8% payraise!)

Kaylie Douglas (CO) promoted by Gwyneth Spinden

Katrina Mares (CO) promoted by Trisha Dreiling

Leticia Austin (CO) promoted by Iris Saint

Melissa Lucas (CO) promoted by Sue Bertram

Ingrid Stolmack (CO) promoted by Mary Pugh

Brittany Diemer (CO) promoted by Jaime Diemer

District Managers in Qualification

Becky Easton in Steph Aretz’s District

Ryan Easton in Steph Aretz’s District

Frankee Bermea in Katrina Mares’s District

Cindy McGrane in Trisha Dreiling’s District

Jenny Huth in Trisha Dreiling’s District

Anna Rochlitz in Trisha Dreiling’s District

Demetria Martinez in Heather Bielak’s District

Sharon Bond in Gwyneth Spinden’s District

Adonia Hentrich in Gwyneth Spinden’s District

Marianne Rischi in Gwyneth Spinden’s District

Jamie Kochevar in Gwyneth Spinden’s District

Amanda Christopher in Gwyneth Spinden’s District

Carolyn German (CO) in Hillary Dunks's District

Kate Christman (CO) in Hillary Dunks's District

Lynn Curtis (CO) in Hillary Dunks's District

Kayla Vece (CO) in Hillary Dunks's District

Kaitee Mead (CA) in Hillary Dunks's District

Maya Fieweger (CO) in Lisa Meiring's District

Chrissy Liebe (CO) in Lisa Meiring's District

Leslie Broeckert (CO) in Lisa Meiring's District

Coza Perry (CO) in Lisa Meiring's District

Theresa Kidder (MI) in Michelle Meiring's District

Christa Aydelotte (WI) in Leiloni Shine's District

Heidi Suyeishi (CO) in Megan Embrey's District

Ann Stinchfield (CO) in Megan Berry's District

Heidi Grannis (TX) in Brooks Radighieri's District

Bekki Mueller (TX) in Brooks Radighieri's District

Melissa Dupee (CA) in Jocelyn Weart's District

Stacy Jackson (WI) in Kristen Cooper Borkenhagen's District

Lisa Bunnell (CA) in Maggie Meyer's District

Sonia Hernandez (CA) in Tiffany Brown's District

Christina Lee (CA) in Tiffany Brown's District

Dione Benson (CO) in Sue Bertram's District

Robin Van Atta (CO) in Sue Bertram's District

Ashlee Alvarez (CA) in Liz Hutchinson's District

Jesse Fishman (WY) in Liz Hutchinson's District

Liz Minyard (CO) in Liz Hutchinson's District

Lauren Agett in Elisabeth Strouse's District

Jennifer Murnan in McKenzie Cartwright's District

Lindsey Renn in McKenzie Cartwright's District

Alice Porter in McKenzie Cartwright's District

Larissa Brewster in Fiona Horner's District

Akoua Attiogbe in Tania Diller's District

Beth Kempel in Tania Diller's District

Brittany Rosenthal in Tania Diller's District

Carrie Thorne in Tania Diller's District

Erin Diemer in Jaimie Diemer's District

Page Diemer in Jaimie Diemer's District

Demi Mouroutsos in Jaimie Diemer's District

Laurina Ogburn in Jaimie Diemer's District

Christa Peterson in Amber Kavan's District

Rasha Tejada (WY) in Janel Shackelford's District

Francesca Baker (WY) in Janel Shackelford's District

Dayna Wasserburger (WY) in Janel Shackelford's District

Chrissy Springsteen in Tara Springsteen's District

Mindy Uitterdyk (WY) in Tara Springsteen's District

Sami Starkey (WY) in Chrisanna Lund's District

Cheyenne Rising (WY) in Chrisanna Lund's District

Rachel Ross (WY) in Andi Jones' District

Sue Heggie (WY) in Tia Shackelford's District

Brandon Beston in Holly Houseworth's District

Megan Myers in Holly Houseworth's District

Julianne Cooper in Holly Houseworth's District

DM Bonus Earners

Gwyneth Spinden

Tania Diller

Hillary Dunks

Janel Shackelford

Lisa Meiring

Chrisanna Lund

Jaimie Diemer

Holly Houseworth

Jocelyn Weart

Liz Hutchinson

Heather Bielak

Andi Jones

Tara Springsteen

Tia Shackelford

Kristen Cooper Borkenhagen

Stephanie Aretz

Jenn Mitchell

Lisa Clore

Lisa Colliss

Amber Kavan

Fiona Horner

Iris Saint

Elisabeth Strouse

Shawna Lanham

AM Bonus Earners

Liz Hutchinson

Janel Shackelford

Trisha Dreiling

Maggie Meyer

Lisa Meiring

Tania Diller

Gwyneth Spinden

Megan Berry

Holly Houseworth

RVP Bonus Earners

Trisha Dreiling

Holly Houseworth

Liz Hutchinson

Trifecta Bonus Earners

Liz Hutchinson

Holly Houseworth

Extra Cash Bonus Earners - DMs/AMs/RVPs who did 10K+ in their Central District & sponsored 5+

Jaimie Diemer

Hillary Dunks

Jocelyn Weart

Lisa Meiring

Janel Shackelford

Chrisanna Lund

Tania Diller

Holly Houseworth

Gwyneth Spinden

These rockstars promoted to the next level in their business!

Sales and Sponsoring Superstars!


Liz Hutchinson - 143,586

Holly Houseworth - 116,173


Liz Hutchinson - 124

TOP AREA QV (over 10K)

Liz Hutchinson - 54,320 - Almost RVP Bonus in her Central AREA!!!!

Janel Shackelford - 45,038

Trisha Dreiling - 33,991

Maggie Meyer - 32,483

Lisa Meiring - 30,978

Tania Diller - 28,575

Gwyneth Spinden - 27,443

Megan Berry - 25,805

Holly Houseworth - 20,475

McKenzie Cartwright - 15,475

Heather Bielak - 12,174


Liz Hutchinson - 49

Janel Shackelford - 37

Maggie Meyer - 31

Tania Diller - 30

Lisa Meiring - 27

Gwyneth Spinden - 24

Trisha Dreiling - 20

Megan Berry - 17

Holly Houseworth - 12

Heather Bielak - 11

McKenzie Cartwright - 10


Gwyneth Spinden - 23,647 - Area Bonus in her Central DISTRICT!!

Tania Diller - 12,783

Hillary Dunks - 11,949

Maggie Meyer - 11,625

Janel Shackelford - 11,198

Lisa Meiring - 11,049

Chrisanna Lund - 10,616

Trisha Dreiling - 10,349

Jaimie Diemer - 10,309

Holly Houseworth - 10,184

Jocelyn Weart - 10,099

Sue Bertram - 8,508

Liz Hutchinson - 8,389

Heather Bielak - 8,226

Andi Jones - 8,146

Tara Springsteen - 8,039

Brooks Radighieri - 7,849

Tia Shackelford - 7,038

McKenzie Cartwright - 6,834

Kristen Cooper Borkenhagen - 6,067

Stephanie Aretz - 5,826

Jenn Mitchell - 5,726

Lisa Clore - 5,713

Mary Pugh - 5,659

Lisa Colliss - 5,524

Amber Kavan - 5,484

Fiona Horner - 5,429

Iris Saint - 5,329

Elisabeth Strouse - 5,302

Shawna Lanham - 5,018


Gwyneth Spinden - 21

Jocelyn Weart - 16

Jaimie Diemer - 16

Tara Springsteen - 13

Lisa Meiring - 12

Hillary Dunks - 12

Kristen Cooper Borkenhagen - 9

Amber Kavan - 9

Shalini Goyal - 9

Liz Hutchinson - 8

Iris Saint - 8

Stephanie Aretz - 7

Heather Bielak - 7

Janel Shackelford - 7

Lyndsey King - 7

Kimmi Nguyen Lehr - 7

Tia Shackelford - 7

Fiona Horner - 7

Elisabeth Strouse - 6

Lisa Colliss - 6

Jenn Mitchell - 6

Shawna Lanham - 5

Lisa Clore - 5

Chrisanna Lund - 5

Tania Diller - 5

Holly Houseworth - 5

Andi Jones - 5

Megan Embrey - 5


Jocelyn Weart - 14

Shalini Goyal - 9

Gwyneth Spinden - 8

GRIT TO GREAT RETREAT - Brandsma & Dreiling Nations

Saturday, June 25th, 8am-5:30pm

10345 Park Meadows Drive

Lone Tree, CO

Registration is now open for our 2016 Retreat! This is one you will not want to miss, especially if you are committed to growing your business!

Register HERE

**For those of you out of state** - Plan to arrive on Friday afternoon before 4pm. There will be a Discover Arbonne the night prior to the retreat that you WILL NOT want to miss in order to capture the BIG VISION! You can leave anytime on Sunday!

**Vision Dinner for AMs and VPs following the Retreat on Saturday night** - Set your sights on promoting to AREA before the retreat so that you can attend the dinner with all the other leaders!


**DATE CHANGE from the Flyer** - Friday, June 24th!
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Brandsma All Successline AM/VP Leadership Retreat

Set a plan to promote to Area, Region, or Nation by September 1st so that you can attend this exclusive Leadership Retreat in VAIL, CO! Open to all paid as Area Managers and above as of September 1st.
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Who's joining us in Wine Country in 2017?! The 2016 Year-Long Challenge is under way!

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