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January Counselor Newsletter

Setting SMART Goals

For most adults, the new year brings a new desire to commit (or re-commit) to personal goals. They may not realize exactly what they are doing, but children have a desire to achieve goals too. Setting and meeting goals can give a child an incredible surge of energy and confidence. So what can you do to help? Start the process by looking for ways your child already uses goal-setting techniques. For example, maybe your child saved money to purchase a video game or toy. You could discuss the steps he went through to do that and how those same steps could be applied to a new goal. If you are new to goal setting, here are some tips...

Make sure your goals are SMART:

Specific- Know exactly what you are wanting to accomplish.

Measurable- How will you know you've met your goal?

Achievable- Is your goal too far out of reach or just far enough to be challenging?

Relevant- Link the goal to something important to you; something that inspires you.

Time-Bound- When do you want your goal to be met?

As your child begins to set goals and work toward them, don't forget to acknowledge their effort! A little encouragement can go a long way. Of course the best way to encourage is to model the behavior you want to see! Work on setting goals for yourself, so your child can see your success!

January Core Essential--Commitment


Commitment is making a plan and putting it into practice.


Ask a kid:

• Think about a short term goal you have for yourself right now. Brainstorm ways to reach this goal (who can help me with this, what steps do I need to take to work toward this goal, when during my day can I work on this, etc.).

• Do you care for your family pet, keep your room clean, or participate in an extracurricular activity? These are all examples of commitments that you probably already make to yourself and your family.


Search, This is an incredible story of a woman whose goal to become an Olympian was reached through planning, hard work and commitment. Bonnie Blair is one of the top skaters of this century and has competed in 4 Olympic games earning numerous medals. She committed to the goal of becoming a professional skater at a very young age and made sacrifices and worked hard to obtain her goal. Now she is a motivational speaker and works with numerous charities to give back to her community and the world.


At the beginning of each week this month, sit down with your family and discuss the commitments each family member has for the week. This might look like a list of chores, practices, volunteer opportunities, job responsibilities, date nights, etc. At the end of each week sit down again and evaluate the week. Did everyone follow through with their commitments? Discuss ways to re-commit to a goal if a plan was not followed the

previous week.

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