Elizabethan Witchcraft and Witches

Very spooky

The Elizabethan periond.

During the Renaissance, people of that time would need an explanation of why most of their disasters were happening, such as the Bubonic plague. The Elizabethans were very religious, and they tended to blame everything on the supernatural. This led to the public using "witches" as a scapegoat for any bad phenomena. Most of these "witches" however, have been over 200 reports of women being burned at the stake for witchcraft, but only a little over 20 accounts of men. This would mean that there was a bias against women being seen as a possible witch.


-There were only two types of witches. black witches were the ones made to harms other and the white witches were to help their community and also known for healing.

-Queen Elizabeth in 1562 passed a law that lead to witch hunts.

-The women and men accused of being witches were only the old, poor, unprotected.

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