Temporary Campus Tell All #4

A week of wonder

Students and staff enjoyed a week filled with I-ready testing, hands-on learning, and some delicious treats! We have added another transportation option and our Curriculum nights are fast approaching.

Curriculum Corner

Curriculum Nights

K-3 Pleasant Hill Campus & 4-6th Nora Tyson Campus

Kindergarten + 1st Grade- Thursday Sep 26th, 6-7 PM

1st Grade + 2nd Grade- Tuesday Sep 24th, 6-7 PM

Third Grade- Thursday Sep 12th, 6- 7 PM

4th & 5th Grades -Tuesday Sep 17th 6- 7:00 PM

6th Grade- Thursday Sep 19th 6-7:00 PM

Afterschool care will continue with normal hours from 4:00 PM- 6:30 PM both campuses

Latest construction update from Building Hope

Updates from our campuses

St Cloud Fun

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Updates from the classroom

Mrs. Romano's STEAM classes ( Stem + Art) are making predictions and testing the float of different objects, we are also testing the glow of different highlighter colors

Mrs. Loupos class was able to use skittles and mnms to practice letters

Mrs. Standard's 4th Grade class 4th grade students working on their Indian tribe villages.

Mr. Mcdaniel's 6th grade computer science is wrapping up research/ research strategies and are moving on to functions of the OS, Bios, GUI

Mrs. Strain's 6th grade math class learned about integers and histographs

Our student Samra Barry worked hard this summer on Study Island and won the competition!

Our 4th-6th team is working hard to prepare for our curriculum nights! We can't wait to see you all there.

Mr. Mclellan's Science Spotlight

Mr. McClellan has been teaching many of your children in fifth grade about “air and weather”. Since we recently experienced preparations for a possible hurricane, Mr. M took the opportunity of teaching what elements of our weather contribute to a hurricane. For example, we discussed how air pressure, moisture, evaporation, heat energy and even the rotation of the earth are some of the contributing elements. We discussed evaporation, made a demo model to simulate the ocean, then discussed condensation and did a number of air and air pressure experiments. We even made FROST! They should know a LOT about air itself! We even made a real cloud with an air pump and another cloud from the microwave – using a bar of ivory soap! Then in geography the children were discussing cardinal directions, so we made a water compass that pointed to the north with a paper clip and a magnet! Awesome! Finally, we incorporated writing skills by using sequential sentence structure that explained the order of steps in our science exercise. Science is FUN…and EDUCATIONAL in many academic disciplines.
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