Mrs. Houston's Class Field Trip

Our 3rd grade will be exploring the Riverbanks Zoo!


Date of Trip: April 6th

Permission slip due March 31st!

Cost: $15 per child, $20 per Adult

(ticket prices include Lunch)

Departure Time: 9 AM

Arrive back at School: 4PM

What Can You Do?

We need chaperons! For every 10 kids, we will need one adult. Due to the fact we have close to 100 students going, we would like to take 15 parents so we are extra secure! If you are interested in being a chaperon, please email me personally or send a note with your child! You are appreciated!

Educational AND Fun!

Why Are We Going to the Zoo?

We are currently studying habitats and environment, so why not go to the place with all habitats in one?

3.L.5A.1: Analyze and interpret data about the characteristics of environments (including salt and fresh water, deserts, grasslands, forests, rain forests, and polar lands) to describe how the environment supports a variety of organisms.