Food deserts is a big problem

The True Danger

The true danger of food deserts is how people in them have to change their diets because of the lack of healthy options. There are 23.5 million people living in food deserts, and almost half of those people live in a low income households. This means that a the very least 11.75 million people can't afford to transportation to get to a food market. They have to live off of what's around them, which is often fast food.
After eating fast food for so long people start to get used to it. Then they start eating it more often rather than making their own food. This causes various problems like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
After getting in the habit of eating unhealthy foods, it's hard to break the cycle. So when a proper food store comes around, it's hard to break those habits.

Remember to at healthy and that a healthy body is a happy body.

How We Can Fix It

Take it on yourself to fix the problem with your community. Make a neighborhood garden, encourage each other to eat healthy, or write a letter to House Representative or mayor. Don't be afraid to reach out to organisations saying you need help. Their are many organisations that help food deserts. For example Eco City Farms in MD. Don't just stop at your community help other when you have the time.
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