Mrs. Noynaert's Kindergarten Class

Week of 11-15, 2016

This Week in Room 508

Our very first field trip is this Friday! The kids have been anxiously counting down the days in their calendar journals each morning, and they are beyond excited to get to ride the bus and go to the Oil Ranch! It is going to be a GREAT day!

Important information regarding the field trip:

We will be departing at 8:30 so please make sure your child is at school on time. If you know your child will be absent for some reason, please send me an email so I will know before we leave.

Please pack your child's lunch in a gallon size ziploc bag. It needs to be labeled with his/her name so that it is easy to pass out when we eat lunch. Please send a drink with the lunch as well. We have volunteers who are sending snacks, which the students will eat as soon as they arrive at the Oil Ranch.

We will arrive back to school by 2:30.

If you are attending as a chaperone, I will be sending home additional information this week. If you want your child to ride home in the car with you after the field trip, you will need to have Mrs. Roraback sign a note giving him/her permission to leave with you. Please give the note to her no later than Tuesday. Thank you!


The students earned an opportunity to bring a small stuffed animal with them to school. It needs to fit inside his/her backpack and will be returned at the end of the day.

Readers' Workshop:

We will be studying poetry.

Writers' Workshop:

We are going to continue our poetry unit.

Math Workshop:

We are discussing addition and subtraction.

Popcorn Words

Words we have studied: I, a, is, it, am, and, the, my, like, can, me, we, at, see, he, to, go, you, in, for, she, do, so, an, up, no, on, up, was, are, said, have, look, this, here

New this week: saw


Tomorrow: Bring a stuffed animal to school

Wednesday: Report cards go home

Friday: Oil Ranch Field Trip!

May 13: Kindergarten Literacy Cafe

May 17: Field Day

May 19: Pebble Creek Sing Along

May 20: Field trip to the pool