Guidance Gazette

Highlights from April and May

Another Year in the Books

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven."

--Ecclesiastes 3:1

As hard as it is to believe, this season of schooling for our children has ended. May your summer season be refreshing, rewarding, and full of wonderful moments with your family.

The Reality Store

Eighth graders got a dose of reality when our local 4-H brought their Reality Store to CKS. Based on the salaries of careers that the students chose, they were given a monthly budget. With that budget, they had to go from station to station, paying bills for cars, homes, childcare, and other necessities of life. It was a fun and eye-opening experience! Thank you to 4-H and the many parents and school volunteers who made this event a success!

A couple of weeks after the event, the eighth graders made presentations to the younger students in their House. They shared about the careers they researched and learned about on Career Day as well as their Reality Store experience. We hope this gets the sixth and seventh graders excited about their eighth grade year.

Life Lessons

Toward the end of the trimester, our House Leaders taught a lesson in their Houses about bystanders, social media, and race. Next, we had three seventh graders carry this message into the fourth and fifth grade classrooms. Thank you to the leaders and seventh graders for their diligent work in sharing this important lesson.
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Xavier House Wins Big!

This year, Xavier House won the year-long challenge for the most House points and headed to Kings Island on May 16! Xavier House was consistent in its focused determination to win, and we are very happy for their success. In addition to all of the Xavier members, the top scorers from each House were invited to Kings Island as well. These students included Lucia Troiano, Peyton Mayo, Collin Duffy, Callie West, and Katherine Hampton. Congratulations to these high achievers!
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Running for Office

Every year, seventh graders hoping to be House Leaders have interviewed for the position with school personnel. This year, we tried something a little different. Seventh graders interested in the challenge of House leadership made presentations to their House members and mentors explaining their qualifications and plans for improving their Houses. The mentors (teachers) rated each candidate according to specific criteria. House leaders for next year will be notified over the summer.

I've got that joy, joy, joy, joy...

Check out this exciting program! Dr. Daphne Hosinski shared this with me and it sounds like a wonderful endeavor.

Attention Parents of Girls 3rd – 9th grades

Several professionals and parents in Lexington recognized the need

for more support for girls during their developmental years. We formed The

Joy Project to provide a safe place where girls can create joy through

honest relationships with each other and adult female mentors who have

life experience to offer. We want to provide a wholesome setting where

your child can feel comfortable sharing her triumphs and struggles. Our

goal is to empower girls to learn and explore challenges while building their

inner beauty and strengths.

Girls meet for two hours of fun, including a motivational speaker, games,

crafts, and good old fashioned play. Currently targeting girls 3rd - 9th grades,

we hope to expand the age range for future events. We will meet once every

2-3 months for 2 hours each session. The fee for each session is only $15 and scholarships are available.

So how do I sign my daughter up? Simply go to our website and preregister your daughter. Bring your

daughter on Sunday, June 12th to Transylvania University’s soccer field,

dressed in clothes to play. Drop off is at 2:00 pm and pick up is at 4:00 pm

Dr. Pete Hester, Board Chair of The Joy Project

Kids Online

You have probably heard the news story about children at Lansdowne Elementary being inappropriately approached by an adult via the app Oovoo. This link will take you to the article about the event, as well as a presentation with some good, common-sense reminders about how to best keep your children safe online.

With 92% of kids online daily, and 24% online "constantly," internet safety is a serious matter. (And what do you say we try to get that 92% and that 24% down considerably?)

Buddy Bench Project: Save your lids!

Many schools across the country are installing "Buddy Benches" on their playgrounds. Children are taught that if they need someone to play with, just take a seat on the buddy bench, and someone will run over to invite you to play. This link takes you to a sweet video in which children explain how the buddy bench works at their school.

Since we believe in teaching children the lessons in empathy and compassion that the Buddy Bench promotes, we are very excited about getting one of our own for the playground. However, we plan to not get just any bench for this endeavor...We are going to get a bench made from recycled plastic lids! Please start saving your lids! You will be amazed at how many plastic lids your family goes through in a week--peanut butter jar lids, laundry detergent lids, soda, water bottles, and on and on! We will begin collecting in August, so if you could stash your summer lids, we would appreciate it! Who knows? Maybe we'll get two benches! This is a link to Green Tree Plastics, the company we plan to work with to turn those lids into benches.

Special thanks to our Environmental Committee for supporting this endeavor!

Thank you for a wonderful year!

CKS families, faculty, and staff, I cannot thank you enough for all of your kind support throughout my first year. I have been grateful for every day that I have had the privilege of working with these children. God bless you all. Have a wonderful vacation!

Much love,

Mrs. Gibson