Make a Monster


English language activity for young learners

The main aim of this task - based activity is students to improve their writing and speaking skills, revising the vocabulary about colours, parts of the body and numbers. They have to create a monster in a glog on GlogsterEDU site, to describe it and make pod casts recording their short stories about the monsters. All activities are set up on one glog. They are going to present and promote their glogs on Facebook group and on the wiki page where they are partners with other students from The Global Classroom.

TBL materials workshop

TBL materials workshop

1. Choose an interesting topic for your learners.

A monster is a topic that students like quite much - love drawing , reading, talking of them - just fun!

2. Decide what you want they to produce - what is the product/outcome?

Every student is producing a glog. On it would be a monster drawn and described by him/herselves in a written form and orally. In that concern students have to make a pod cast with their story about the monster.

3. Find or make the materials you need to demonstrate the task to learners.

The teacher (me) is making a glog with a monster to demonstrate the model which students are intended to do as a task. This model not only shows how the all tasks will look like but also gives further instructions for kids what they to do in 4 steps, which are:
1. Create a monster
2. Describe your monster
3. Make a pod cast
4. Put in a glog
Using this glog she prepares the students with language vocabulary about colours, numbers and parts of the body using a 7 different types of task-based learning activities.

4. Select your TBL activity /activities using the hangout of 7 types activity.

TBL activities can be small scale (e.g. a project) and take one or several lessons to complete.*

5. Select the content language you will need for your example task.

- numbers from 1 to 20
- colours
- parts of the body

How many ....has the monster got?
What color is/are monsters....?
Has monster got a....?
What's the name of your monster?

6. Write the scaffolding language that learners will need to help them do the task.

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