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I am a very fast learner. I am a good listener and will do what I'm told. I know a couple languages so i can talk to different parts of the world. I know a lot about computers, and I'm still learning new things, with all the new technology coming out. I like to help people and I can get along with a lot of different types of people, no matter what their attitude is like.

Come See My Seminar!!

Saturday, April 12th, 8pm

62 Main St

Wellsboro, PA

If you come you can ask me questions about how well I get along with people and hear everything you need to know to see whether or not I am of use. If you want to set up a private meeting call me at this number: (570) 724-2306

Summer Kitajima

I am a patient person and I respect people. I grew up in three different houses growing up and only mainly went to school in Wellsboro, Pa. My mom and dad taught me courtesy and to respect others. I get along with everyone, from short-tempered people to very calm and patient people.