Learn about cancer today!

What is cancer?

Cancer is a very dangerous disease. it kills, but it’s not invisible. some things that many people like to eat are blueberries, strawberries, and grapes kill and destroy cancer cells.

some facts about cancer-

Did you know that cancer kills 7.6 million people each year?! and that red meats/processed meats can cause cancer. Each year in the U.S. there is about 5.4 million skin cancer cases, and 3.3 million of them are treated, but that still means that there is 2.1 million cases that aren’t treated in the U.S. every year. Cancer is deadly to anyone, even children, even if you have a healthy diet, and you exercise daily, you'r still at risk of cancer. If you get a cut that opens, bleeds, closes, and repeats these steps often, that's a sign of skin cancer. By 1940 scientists had begun to put more research and understand cancer more clearly. Cancer also looks like it has spider legs! Another fact is that since every cancer is different, there wont be one cure. Eventually there will be a process to make personal medications to cure cancer, even if it takes a long time.

5 ways to maintain ones healthy and possibly cancer free life.

Try not to get much time in the sun, especially around 10 am-4 pm because it increases your chance of skin cancer. Do not smoke or use tobacco because it is a known carcinogen. Try eating bright colored vegetables because they have lots of nutrients and the nutrients has the ability to help fight off cancer. Also, Try to car pool so you don't breath in a lot of carbon monoxide because it is linked to cancer. Lastly, if you like meat, try eating fish instead because it is not a know carcinogen.

some pictures-

World Cancer Day

Thursday, Feb. 4th 2016 at 10pm-12am

every where on planet earth

Wear any color that represents cancer! For example-Pink, Black, White, orange, grey ect.
Why We Haven't Cured Cancer


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