Our Community Today

by Noah Nelsen

Special Ceremony

As December comes to a close, our annual ceremony creeps onto us. The Eights are looking forward to receiving their first bike, parents are hoping for a nice child to call their own, and Elevens are looking forward to get their new occupation for life. All of those hope and pray for exactly what they wanted. We all want to see happiness and lets hope the Committee made the right choice for you and your family.

New Year, New Baby

The Ceremony makes most of us nervous. But a couple we recently met with let out their nerves with us as the discuss getting a newborn at this years annual meeting. We talked with Laina and Liam and talked about them receiving a newborn at this years Ceremony. "We just hope that we get a nice baby that we can proudly call our child," replied Liana on the topic. "It is very nerve racking waiting for the application to be accepted and I am more nervous for a nice and lovable child." replied Liam. We all hope for the best for them and their start on their new family.

New Comfort Objects

Here at the "Outpost" we are offering a deal. We received a new order of comfort objects from the cargo plane a few days ago. We have new animals such as alligators, bats, and a leopard. If your baby needs a new, nice, soft comfort object, come down to the "Outpost" and get a new animal for the low low price of $10.

Family Seeks Help.

The Lucifer family has recently had an issue and seeks help from the people like you. Their baby they received a year ago has had a recent issue with his eye. Henry, Lucifer's son, had recent eye trouble and can not see 100 feet away from his nose. They needed surgery would cost $10,000 and the Lucifer family is asking for a small donation at this year's Ceremony to pay for it.


Friday, Jan. 1st 2016 at 5:30pm

Cold Lake Theatre

Come and jon the party as we celebrate another lengthy year in this great community. The Sixes turn to Seven, the Tens to Eleven. But most years mark a new importance. The Sevens give up their comfort objects, the Eights get their first bike, the Elevens get their job, and parents receive a child. Come and join the fun and excitement as we celebrate another year.