The Longmore Learners

Week of January 19, 2016

This Week

We have a full week this week. We have the Spelling Bee on Thursday. Due to this, we will move Library to Friday. Finally, Friday is the day we will showcase our volcanoes that the students made at home. I am excited about that. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

This Week In Math

Well, we are well on our way in division. I have posted the links to the videos for estimation in division to the schoology website. We talked this week about the steps to long division. We will discuss it in more detail next topic, however here is another video from Kahn Academy if you student needs it.

If your student struggles with multiplication facts, I urge you to practice nightly with your student. Not knowing multiplication facts at this point is a real detriment to their ability to move forward in math. it affects their ability to understand the concepts of division and other higher level maths as they move forward in their education. If you need flashcards, don't hesitate to let me know. I can print some up pretty quickly.

We will review Topic 9 on Tuesday and take the Topic test on Wednesday. As usual, I urge you to study with your student. In this case, it involves taking the practice test and extra practice for things they are are struggling with. You can take problems from the topic lessons from the text book, they can re-do problems on the practice sheets, or they can do the review packet that is on schoology. There are lots of activities they can do to understand the material. Bring a signed copy of the study guide/practice test from home indicating that you and your student sat down and looked at the material for extra credit points. This is more about teaching students about "studying" skills than the extra credit point.

This Week In ELA

We will continue with our The Lightning Thief read aloud. They will start understanding the Hero's Quest genre, which will tie in with their writing in Unit 5.

With science, the main reading goal during this unit is to learn how to use text features to help us process what the text is saying. We will ask questions like, How did this graphic help you learn? What part of the text does it support?

Don't forget, your student is welcome to do a Volcano for extra credit in science. They can make the volcano at home, and we will erupt the volcanoes on Friday.
This week, we will be working on Erosion and Weathering, with a lab on Wednesday. We will then continue with how we affect the outcome of life on earth.

In writing, we will complete our research on Tuesday. Please remind your student to stay on track and complete the research on Tuesday. We will start drafting our picture book on Wednesday. The paper deadlines can be found in the schoology website.

Small Reading Groups

We will be focusing on a non-fiction unit for 2 weeks. This coincides with the science unit, and most every group is doing a non-fiction book based on a natural disaster. I have extended the due dates for almost everyone's non-fiction book. They have their due dates in their Small Reading Group packets. We got a little behind last week and I forgot about MLK day when doing the calendar. Most groups will finish by the beginning of next week.

Purple: Do Tornadoes Really Twist
Red: Earth Fast Changes
Orange: Sweeping Tsunamis
Blue: Volcanoes
Neon Green: Volcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. Helens

Spelling Week 18

Greek silent letters ps and rh

ps is a Greek spelling where the p is silent. rh is a team for the sound R and is also a Greek spelling. At times the rh will be separated between syllables, especially in compound words, and both letters will retain their sound (ex. Sisterhood, powerhouse, overhaul, neighborhood).


Weekly Calendar

Monday, January 18
MLK Day, no school

Tuesday, January 19
Day 3 - Music, don't forget your recorders
Review for Math Topic 9

Wednesday, January 20
Day 1 - Art
Math Topic 9 test

Thursday, January 21
Day 2 - Gym
2:30 Spelling Bee in the Cafeteria

Friday, January 22

Day 3 - Music - don't forget your recorder!
Library today - bring in books that need to be checked in or renewed.
Dictation Sentences today
Mentor Sentences - Invitation to Edit
Update Data Binders

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