Let Your Feet Be Free

Something to Become Of

Since I was a youngster, my mom has been a track coach. From being so, she has gained a great work ethic and competitaveness to her. I guess I got those same genes in me because I have loved track and sports ever since my eyes first saw the beautiful world. I am always up for a challenge, and loved to be pushed to the very edge of my ability. That is exactly what track is about. I got the love for the sport when I was young, but didn’t start competing till recently.

Jumping the Hurdles

 Hurdles were my first pick out of the so many events in track. Why? I don’t know, I just had this gut feeling. It ended up being the right choice, because I havent lost a run in hurdles yet. I am undefeated in the 100 meter hurdles and normaly place in the top 3 in the 300 meter hurdles. I absouloutly love the feeling I get when I cross the finish line and see no one near me; I am the leader.

A Perfect Match

Lots of people beg to differ when I say," I love hurdles." Why others dislike the event so much? I have no clue, but for me it’s a great oppurtunity. My body was seemed to be built just for the hurldles. I have very long legs and lots of strength and power, these features are perfect for hurdles.  My long legs are why I could 3 step as a 7th grader(Three stepping is where you only take three steps in between each hurdle when doing the 100 meter race. Most people aren't able to do this when young.) Also, my power helps me to get through those last few hurdles that seem to be so difficult to others.

Passion for Motion

Track is my passion and I hope to have a great future in it. I love the feel of wind blowing in my face, and that “Swoosh “ sound that others hear as you fly by them. When I jump the hurdles, I feel as if all the freedom inside of me gets to come out. Track is no longer something I love but something I am , track is me.