The Warriors Heart

By: Ashton Dauphinais

Character Analysis

Eric Greitens is a strong man, but he isn't just a strong man because of strength, but also for passion, dedication, and courage. "should you follow the call of the Himalayan Yeti, or return to the safety of base camp? Each choice scared and thrilled me" Greitens wrote showing us his love for adventure. He also wrote "college was the first step into the "real world" where every great purpose could be perused" showing us his want for a good education. Through out this novel Eric showed great character as well being kind, respectful, trying hard, and being a team player.


Exposition- Eric lived with his family in Missouri. his family wasn't the richest, but even as a young boy he had a goal of going to college. Because of this he started being an entrepreneur at a young age to start to accumulate enough money to college, although he would still have to get a job when he is older.

Rising Action- Eric received a scholarship to oxford and went to Rwanda as a humanitarian volunteer. On his trip he realized that what he wanted to do with his life is help others.

Climax- After a coupled trips to different places to help others Eric realized that he wanted to help others in another way. "I wanted to be on the ground, on the frontlines, to help other people directly." so he started BUD/s and trained to be a U.S Navy SEAL.

Falling Action- After Eric had become a Navy SEAL he experienced a truck bomb that carried chlorine and he was ready to return to his life at home

Resolution- Once Eric returned home he uses his combat pay and the disability pay of two other friends to start The Mission Continues organization.


The Warriors Heart takes place is in Missouri where Eric Greitens was born and raised. I first meet Eric in his childhood home laying in his bed reading a book under his blanket until he fell asleep.


As a humanitarian, Eric Greitens assisted aid workers to help orphaned children in Rwanda and lived in camps with Bosnian refuges. As a warrior, he went through the toughest military training in the world and as a Navy SEAL, he hunted al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq. Not only was this an inspiring book, but it taught me integrity, leadership, compassion, perseverance and courage through the life of an incredible person.

The Author

Eric Greitens was born and raised in Missouri as the oldest out of three boys. his mother worked as a special education teacher while his father worked for the U.S department of agriculture. Eric earned a Angleir B scholarship to duke university and studied ethics, philosophy, and public policy. He was selected as a Rhodes and Truman scholar and attended Oxford university graduating with a masters degree in 1998 and a PHD in 2000. Eric Greitens has worked as a humanitarian volunteer, documentary photographer, and researcher in Rwanda, Cambodia, Albania, Mexico, India, Bosnia, and Bolivia. During his service as a Navy SEAL Eric was deployed four times during the global war on terrorism to Afghanistan, South Asia, the horn of Africa, and Iraq. Today he has written four books and lives in St. Louis with his wife, Sheena and son, Joshua.